Shoppers in Their 60s Swear This Anti-Wrinkle Serum Leaves Them "Luminous"

According to shoppers who have tried the serum, the formula is one of the best, and their secret to great skin. Organic green bananas promote firmer- looking skin, while goji berry revitalizes and tones. To finish the serum's potent ingredient list, there is turmeric known for its exceptional anti-aging properties and a blend of 21 plant extracts to decrease wrinkles and increase the skin's radiance. The brand reports that out of the 362 women who tested the serum for seven days, 88 percent said their skin was visibly smoother.

After four weeks, shoppers noticed that their skin looked drastically improved. 87 percent of the women noted that their skin was more radiant. One shopper even said that the serum is a 'mini botox in a bottle', thanks to the potent results of the serum. 'This is one product I will not go without', they added.

Other shoppers confirm the serum's results, writing that before using the Double Serum they noticed fine lines and wrinkles starting to appear. 'Before I bought this, my skin wasn't balanced, [it was] very dry, and I started to see fine lines. This put a stop to all of that and I'm truly amazed', one shopper said.

More people also praise the serum for its versatility in providing benefits for mature skin too. For example, a 60-year-old reviewer writes that they have used the serum for nearly two years alongside their daily moisturizer. 'It provides a much-needed extra layer of moisture and protection and gives my skin a more luminous appearance', they noted. 'This serum makes a visible difference.'

Enhancements from the serum are so profound that it's prompting skincare lovers of all ages to make the switch to the serum. 'I am new to the Clarins Double Serum party, and I'm so glad I joined', one final shopper emphasized. They leave one lasting note: 'My skin looks and feels fabulous - the immediate glowing complexion pays off is wonderful and well worth the money.' To join the party, too, head to Nordstrom to snag the Clarins Double Serum - you won't be disappointed.

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