Best Shampoos, According to Hairstylists and Salon Owners

Before we delve into specific products, though, here are a couple of general shampooing tips:

If you're wondering how often you should wash, Brooke Jordan, co-founder and master stylist at the Bird House in Gowanus, recommends no more than twice a week, and when you do shampoo, try her star-shape cleaning method. I always recommend first making sure your hair is pretty wet, she says, then putting about a quarter-size drop of shampoo in your hand, lathering it in your hands, and then tapping some on your head at your temples, on the top of your head at the crown, and two at the nape, making what would look like a star of shampoo on your head. Then get to scrubbing. Do that once, rinse, repeat and do it again, she says. The pattern is to your pleasure. Now that we have that down, let's go on to the best shampoos.

Best overall

Masami Hosono, creative director of the gender-neutral East Village hair salon Vacancy Project, told us about Malin + Goetz's Moisturizing Shampoo. She uses the shampoo in her salon and has been a fan of the brand for years. I've been using Malin + Goetz for a really long time like eight years at work, she says. We only use the Moisturizing Shampoo and the Cilantro Conditioner. According to Hosono, the shampoo works well for all hair textures, curly to straight, thick or thin. Despite its being sulfate free, it's still very foamy though Hosono adds that she doesn't really care that much about whether a shampoo is sulfate free. I like the Malin + Goetz shampoo because it's not 100 percent organic and it's also not 100 percent chemical, she says. It has both, and you really need both, especially if you have a color or anything chemical in your hair. It's really for any hair type, and it's not too heavy.

Malin + Goetz's Moisturizing Shampoo also receives high praise over at the Cut: I could tell it was instantly moisturizing, and the touches of neroli and basil had a sophisticated scent that I enjoyed, reports Jessica Prince Erlich. And Stephanie Louis, the chief executive and operating officer of Stylebox Salon in Prospect Heights, is also a fan of the brand. We totally agree that Malin + Goetz is rock-on awesome, she says. Nearly everything in the line is really, really good. We heard about the brand when we talked to experts about the best shampoos for dandruff, too. For its effectiveness on all hair types, its balance between organic and nonorganic ingredients, the high praise the brand receives overall, and the shampoo's appeal to both women and men, we're calling this one our best all-around.

Best shampoos for all hair types

Every Davines Shampoo is my favorite, but Oi is at the top because it is literally perfect, says celebrity hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein. She recommends it for every hair type and says it leaves hair feeling silky, hydrated, and shiny. The shampoo is infused with beta-carotene-rich roucou oil (it has 100 times more of the antioxidant than carrots, for what it's worth), which helps hair produce melanin. Rubenstein also likes the scent, which she describes as delicious and mild.

Rubenstein also likes this shampoo from Bumble and Bumble, which she says is a classic for good reason. Hair gets squeaky clean without stripping it, and it's great for all hair types, she says. The mild cleanser is formulated with marine extracts like seaweed, spirulina, and kelp to add shine and support scalp health.

Best shampoo for normal hair

If I were to talk about my all-encompassing favorite shampoos and conditioners, one of my favorites is Sachajuan Normal Hair Shampoo, says Jordan. It's so simple and so effective, it smells amazing, and the ingredients are incredibly high-quality. Jordan tells us that while Sachajuan does use sulfates, the shampoo's ingredients are produced in small batches in Sweden and that in Europe, they have so many more regulations for their beauty products then we do, so essentially anything that's made in Europe is sort of automatically going to be a little safer than what's produced here. The brand's products have regularly made our more specific shampoo and hair-product guides not to mention being a favorite of Rio's mom. And given the effectiveness of the brand's more targeted treatments and Jordan's ringing endorsement, we're calling this one the best for normal hair that's right down the middle between not too oily and not too dry.

Best shampoo for frizzy hair

If you've got some frizz you'd like to smooth out, Jordan recommends this shampoo from Davines, a brand she loves for the quality of their products, as well as their commitment to sustainability. She adds, They produce everything in this one factory in Italy, and a lot of their ingredients literally come from local farms. One of those ingredients is Minuta-olive extract, which, according to the Davines website, is farmed in Messina, Italy, and is loaded with fatty acids and vitamin E ingredients that help add moisture to hair and combat frizz. It's just a really beautiful, yummy shampoo, says Jordan. It smells amazing, and it does smooth the hair but it's not so heavy that it creates any kind of weight in the hair. She notes that the only hair type she wouldn't recommend this shampoo for is very fine hair the moisturizing properties won't do much for you in the way of volume but otherwise, anyone can use this one.

Best (less expensive) shampoo for frizzy hair

Another frizz-fighting option was recommended to us by Louis, who says any hair type or texture can use Redken's Frizz Dismiss Shampoo to keep frizzy hair at bay. She notes that the shampoo is both sulfate and salt free and as we've reported before, sulfate- and salt-free shampoos are generally the safest to use on color- or keratin-treated hair. And while the price is still higher than what you might pay for the more common drugstore brands, it's a little lower than the Davines; if you've invested in a color or keratin treatment, it may be worth the extra money to prolong the effects of these often expensive treatments.

Best thickening shampoos

This one is packed with ingredients, including biotin, pro-vitamin B5, and coconut oil, that will pump up hair's strength and thickness. It can be used on any hair type, according to Jordan, who recommended this one as a catchall product for giving hair a boost. What also really impressed us is the shampoo's UV-protection properties. R+Co puts an ingredient in all of their shampoos that's basically like putting an SPF on, Jordan says. It protects your hair from the sun. UV protection is particularly useful for those who color their hair, because it will help make the color last longer, especially in the summer months if you're spending any time on the beach, she adds. All of the brand's shampoos are also sulfate free, another draw for those with color-treated hair, and while the thickening properties of this shampoo will benefit anyone looking for a little more bounce, they're really helpful for those whose hair has become brittle from treatments. (Jordan reminds us that UV protecting does not mean heat protecting, so if you're styling your hair with hot tools, don't forget to use a heat-protecting product.)

Cleveland likes this shampoo system for fine hair because it's formulated to thicken strands and support a healthy scalp. The line was created in collaboration with hairstylists and dermatologists, which she loves. It focuses on the health of the scalp and hair follicle, which is where hair growth begins, Cleveland says. Nioxin offers six systems for various hair types from unprocessed hair with light thinning (system one) to chemically treated hair with progressed thinning (system six).

Best hydrating shampoos

Shirley Hagel, an advanced creative stylist at Parlor salon, raved about this hydrating shampoo from Aveda. My all-time-favorite shampoo for a wide range of people is Aveda's Sap Moss, she says. It provides weightless hydration. It's so lightweight that it's great for even me with my fine, thin hair. According to Aveda's website, the shampoo is formulated with Iceland moss and larch-tree sap, which add hydration to hair without weighing it down. Hagel says the shampoo is so hydrating her husband even uses it for his beard, which she describes as having a much coarser texture than her hair. She also says she would recommend Sap Moss Shampoo for those with gray hair, which is often coarser and would benefit from the moisturizing properties.

Rubenstein calls this shampoo, from R+Co's high-end Bleu line, pure luxury. The ultrahydrating formula works well for strengthening and nourishing hair and is effective on a wide range of hair types, but Rubenstein doesn't recommend it for superfine hair. It feels like you almost don't need a conditioner, she says. Still use one, though!

Best (less expensive) hydrating shampoos

Another shampoo that happens to be color safe and is, according to Louis, an incredibly moisturizing staple product is Verb's paraben- and sulfate-free Ghost Shampoo. It includes moringa oil, which is a tree-derived essential oil known for its hydrating properties, as well as UV protection (like the R+Co Dallas shampoo) that helps protect color and shine. We've heard good things about this shampoo before: We named it our best overall sulfate-free shampoo, and it's also a favorite of Sephora reviewers. One raved, It feels almost magical when it lathers, and another said, This shampoo basically gave me shampoo-commercial hair.

For an even more affordable option (that also happens to be color safe!), Rubenstein recommends this shampoo from L'Oral. Talk about bang for your buck! The shampoo is creamy and cleanses gently without leaving any residue, she says.

Best shampoos for scalp issues

Hagel names Aveda's Scalp Benefits Shampoo as another favorite. It helps balance the pH of the scalp and balance sebum levels, she says. A lot of people complain about a dry or oily scalp, and this is a great option for either. She notes that both of her Aveda picks are safe to use with color- treated hair as well.

Celebrity hairstylist Senada K. Ceka likes this shampoo from the CBD-powered hair-care line Leaf & Flower for remedying scalp issues. It repairs the hair, helps to correct dry scalp, and is rich with Omega-3, 6, and 9, she says.

Best reparative shampoo

Ceka calls this her go-to shampoo for rescuing chemically damaged hair. I see immediate repair, and it continues to protect the hair from future damage using its bond-building technology, she says. The sulfate-free cleanser is formulated specifically for color-treated hair and maintaining bright hues, but Ceka recommends it for anyone dealing with damaged strands.

Best shampoos for volume

Dhiran Mistry, a hairstylist at the David Mallett salon in Soho whose in-house brand of shampoo Mistry says makes hair feel really soft and smooth and can be used on all hair types told us the Shu Uemera Muroto Volume shampoo is a great choice for those with fine hair who are looking for a daily-use volumizing option. (This is different from our best thickening pick in that we're talking more about the appearance of bigger hair here, rather than treating the hair with vitamins to thicken it from the inside out.) Both paraben- and silicon- free, this shampoo is great for removing any buildup on the scalp or hair shaft and will generate a good lather, Mistry says. If you have fine hair, you can use it daily, or if you have really greasy hair with tons of product buildup, this will help strip all the excess dirt.

Maria Elizabeth, a hairstylist and the founder of Salon deZEN, swears by this shampoo from the Australian hair-care brand Kevin Murphy. It really plumps hair without weighing it down, she says. It stimulates scalp circulation using ingredients like ginger root and nourishes and repairs hair using rice bran and rice amino acids. I love how this shampoo creates extreme volume while also delivering shine and softness, she says.

Best shampoo for color-treated hair

We've heard about this shampoo from many stylists and hair experts, and when we reached out to some specifically about the best shampoos for color-treated hair earlier this fall, this was their pick. Blackstone NYC colorist Patti O'Gara told us, This sulfate-free shampoo will rebuild the bonds damaged through coloring, gradually transforming dry, broken, and brittle hair back to a healthier state. The experts we spoke to for this story were similarly enthusiastic about the shampoo. This is amazing for color-treated hair, says Louis. She elaborates that it's ideal for those who color their hair, because it repairs protein bonds in hair, limits split ends and subsequent hair breakage, and helps keep hair smooth and frizz free. Mistry also suggested Olaplex for color-treated hair. All color can damage hair bonds, he says. This shampoo is really good with flyaways and frizz control and will lather well and restore the internal strength of the hair.

Best purple shampoo

This is is the perfect purple shampoo, says Rubenstein. She likes that it removes brassy tones almost immediately. It tones hair beautifully, she says. An added bonus: It smells like grape soda, and as a '90s kid, I really appreciate this.

Best shampoo for overprocessed hair

Michelle Cleveland, a hairstylist and the owner of Mane Addict Salon, says this is her go-to product for can't be blonde enough clients. It gently cleanses and increases hair resilience against breakage, she says. Formulated with silk amino acids, it helps to protect hair against breakage caused by combing and mechanical damage. She recommends following up with Wella's Intensive Repair Mask, which she calls an added bonus.

Best shampoos for curly hair

This is a hydrating shampoo for all curly hair types, says Louis. It's really incredible. The shampoo comes from Tracee Ellis Ross's new hair-care line, which offers products for curly, coily, and tight textured hair. The shampoo is formulated with moisturizing ingredients including aloe-vera-leaf juice, coconut oil, and honey, and the scent is a lovely-sounding blend of jasmine, bergamot, and sandalwood.

Hagel told us this shampoo from Aveda is great for curls because it's gentle and moisturizing. Truly, it's great for anyone looking for an extra-gentle moisturizing cleanser, she says. It removes buildup and excess oil and moisturizes with organic babassu oil. She adds that this would be a good choice for someone looking to shampoo less often, as well as for someone with thick hair. I find thick-haired people are often people that can go longer between shampoos, she says. Be Curly Cowash is great for anyone trying to space out shampoos. The babassu oil is also meant to help fight frizz.

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