Setting Guidelines for Acne Treatment

If your child shows signs of early acne, here are some tips to help them cope:

  • Teach your kids to wash their face every day, to keep pores clear and less likely to get clogged. “Establishing good habits early and getting them to wash their face regularly is key,” said Zaenglein. “Hygiene is typically not at the top of an 8-year-old’s priority list, so you’ll need to help them with that.”
  • Don’t ignore acne. “There’s no reason for someone to be walking around with significant acne these days, especially if it’s distressing for the child,” said Eichenfield.
  • Tell your kids not to pick or pop pimples. It can lead to scarring and delay the skin’s healing. Applying a warm compress can help release the oils from clogged pores.

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