Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn Gets Her "Golden Hour Glow" from This Universal Highlighter

Get all of the reality star's beauty faves.

The One Thing

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As any fan of Selling Sunset will tell you, there is no show without Christine Quinn. While the interpersonal conflict, lavish homes, and competitive drive of luxury real estate certainly bring plenty of drama, Quinn's no-BS attitude, quick comebacks, and unique style (equal parts Barbie and goth) tie the whole thing together. The reality star is unapologetic about what she wants and fully herself, winning her cult-favorite status among reality tv fans (myself included).

Much like Sunset, the beauty collaboration hinges on Quinn's persona. "Charlotte [Ciaté London's Founder] reached out to me. And you know, she was a big fan of the show. But more important than that, she loved the dynamics of my personality. She's like, 'I can see you're so sweet. But then you're so sassy. And I love that about you,'" explains Quinn. The resulting line is bold, bright, and confident—and serves up plenty of artistic flair—just like the reality star herself.

The project was years in the making, and Quinn stayed involved at every stage of development, from shade range to formulation. And it shows, the final results are playfully authentic to Quinn's sass and created with the practical, vegan formulas Ciaté London is known for. Think: the perfect multi-purpose highlighter in a universal shade and fun, temperature-activated lip creams.

When I sat down with Quinn to chat about beauty, there was plenty to talk about. Read on for more about the collaboration, her beauty favorites, and skincare tips.

Ciaté London

The One Favorite She Would Pick from Her Collection

"Honestly, my favorite piece from the whole entire collection is the No Filt-Her Universal Complexion Brightener ($28)—it's like a highlighter. When they sent the formula to me, I was trying it out multiple times. Immediately, I was like 'this is really, really good.' What I do is I always put this powder on my skin or on top of a reflective lotion.

"I never really found the right formula for a brightener. But I started playing with this one and brushing it all over my skin after I put lotion on, and it created this really gorgeous glow. So during the process of creating this formula, which is supposed to be meant for the face, I found that it worked on the body, too.

"I fell in love with that product. I have it in my purse every day just because I'm able to just grab a brush and apply it. And while I'm on set, I can put it on my body quickly. I like it because I love that golden hour glow. Usually, a lot of these highlighters are really chalk-based. So it's hard to not only pick up the pigment but also blend it with cream and powder formulas. And this worked really well."

The One Thing She Always Brings to Set

"The one thing that I always have with me when I'm filming is either lotion or the Filt-Her powder because we're always changing our clothes. You know, we'll do two outfit changes a day sometimes. I'll go from pants to a skirt, so I always have either lotion in my bag or a body shimmer."

The One Skincare Product She Can't Live Without

"The one skincare product I can't live without would probably be the Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask ($172)."

The One Beauty Tip She Learned From the Pros

"I picked up one really helpful beauty tip from my makeup artist recently. He does this thing, which I never tried before personally on myself. He'll take a really sharp angled brush—similar to what you would use to do a flat liner with —and he'll go in underneath my brow bone with concealer. It'll be like a quarter of an inch to half of an inch of concealer in a lighter color. And that really just opens up my eyes and gives me this beautiful lift. It just creates this openness that I never had before. Concealer under the browbone was something that really changed my life."

The One Look That Always Makes Her Feel Confident

"I'm a creature of habit. Even though sometimes I try to be different and change it up, I always love my side-part Hollywood wave and classic makeup. You know, a black cat eye on the top and just red lips. That's my signature, that's my go- to. I just feel most confident wearing that, so it's my favorite look."

The One Mani She Loves Most

"Right now, I have the Ciaté London logo packaging on my nails, which is really cool. My nail artists did a really good job. Some of the nails are matte pink, and then they embossed the logo on the other nails.

"I am a nail fanatic. I get my nails done every single week, and I've always changed it up. I love to pierce my nails. You can do hoops, chains, or jewels. And I think that's probably one of my favorite things to do. They're hard for them to stay on for a while because you wash your hair (sometimes they even get caught in your hair). But I think those nails are so fun."

Kim Truong

The One Skincare Rule She Always Follows

"This is going to be simple, but it's wear sunscreen. Wear sunscreen! Like, do not go out and burn yourself. It's so common. And I just want everyone to wear sunscreen because that's what's going to keep your skin young and beautiful forever."

The One Thing She Does to Wind Down

"I journal, so I'll write all my thoughts and kind of purge my mind, which I love. And also, I'll read. I love, love, love to read books. So right now, I'm reading Lauren Weisberger. She wrote The Devil Wears Prada, and she just came out with a new book, actually. It's called Where the Grass Is Green, and the Girls Are Pretty. And it's so good, be sure to check it out."

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