The Best Men's Skincare Routine for 2021 | 6 Easy Steps!

By Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

A new year means it's time for a new skincare routine for men. If you've noticed your skin looking a little dry or has a few more pimples than you'd like, then it's high time you start being proactive with your skincare routine, especially if you're a man. Far too many men have minimal or non-existent skincare processes, so make 2021 the year where you finally start taking control of what your skin looks like. The version of you 10 years from now will thank you for it.

Should Men Have a Daily Skincare Routine?

Men should absolutely have a daily skincare regimen that goes beyond applying a little bit of soap to your face when you're in the shower. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate, but taking a few minutes out of your day to take care of your skin will work wonders in the long run.

The Ultimate Skincare Routine for Men

Men need to take care of their skin as much as women. With just six simple steps, your skin can look as vibrant and healthy as ever.

Step One: Cleanse Your Face

It's vital for men to cleanse their faces regularly. By and large, men's skin tends to be oilier than that of women due to the increased presence of sebaceous glands. Additionally, these glands tend to be larger in men, resulting in enhanced production of oil.

When Should You Cleanse Your Face?

Ideally, you should wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Any more than that and you risk drying your skin out too significantly. The only exception should be if you sweat substantially throughout the day and need to remove sweat and oil more often.

How Do You Properly Cleanse Your Face?

The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends using a non-abrasive cleanser to remove impurities. For best results, you can try using ishonest's Gel Cleanser twice daily.

Before you do anything, you should gently apply lukewarm water to the face. Next, use your fingers to apply your cleanser. Follow the directions and rinse the cleanser off your face with lukewarm water.

Step Two: Exfoliate With a Face Scrub

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the skin. Under ideal circumstances, your skin's able to get rid of the cells on its own, but sometimes, it doesn't shed completely. To be able to exfoliate properly, you're going to need to invest in a face scrub.

How Often Should You Use a Face Scrub?

Most men will find they only need to use a face scrub once or twice a week. However, if your skin is particularly oily, then you may need to exacerbate the regimen and use the device three times a week. You shouldn't use it any more often or else you run the risk of over-drying your skin.

How Do I Use a Face Scrub?

You should exfoliate your skin after you've cleaned it using the above steps. After that, gently apply the facial scrub to your skin with gentle massage motions.

Important note: Men with beards should spend a little extra time applying the scrub. You want to make sure the substance is able to bypass your facial hair and actually help the skin. After you do this, you can wash the scrub off using lukewarm water.

Step Three: Apply Serum to Replenish Nutrients

Be honest with yourself Do you really feel as though you look your age? Due to some people's genetic makeup, they begin to age faster than others. Fine lines and crow's feet can make you look years older than you actually are, but you can help reverse the aging process (to an extent) with the right serum.

How Often Should I Apply a Serum?

A facial serum should be applied twice daily. You should put it over your face in the morning and in the evening to help replenish nutrients you end up losing over the course of the day.

How Much Serum Do I Need?

Facial serums are incredibly potent. You don't need a lot to reap the benefits, and most experts agree you can get by with merely applying a pea-sized drop to your face and neck for each use.

Step Four: Hydrate Your Skin With a Moisturizer

You should know the importance of drinking enough water in the day. Drinking the recommended eight glasses of day can do a lot of good for helping your skin, but if you need an extra boost, then consider adding a moisturizer to your regimen.

When Should I Use a Moisturizer?

You should apply a moisturizer after every time you wash your face, which means twice daily. Keeping up with this process regularly helps protect your skin from environmental harm.

How Should I Use a Moisturizer?

You should apply the moisturizer while your skin is still damp. This way the product traps moisture in the skin to keep it hydrated.

It's also a good idea to moisturize after every time you wash your hands. While a lot of men focus on their facial skin's health, it's just as important to pay attention to other parts of your body as well. Additionally, your hands are more likely to be exposed to irritants than your face, and they could use the extra protection.

Step Five: Conceal Pre-Existing Acne

No one wants to deal with pimples. While the blemishes are often associated with teenagers, they can absolutely follow you into adulthood. When they pop up, you need to be able to treat them accordingly.

When Should I Put a Concealer On?

You only need to apply concealer when you have an active pimple present. In relation to your skincare regimen, concealer should be the last thing to apply. After you put moisturizer on your skin, you should wait about 10 minutes before using your concealer tool.

Step Six: Prevent Skin from Aging

Facial scrubs and moisturizers are great for keeping your skin in tip-top shape, but you need to think about all the ways you're inadvertently hurting your skin as well. With a little foresight, you can take a big step in holding back the aging process.

How Should I Prevent Skin From Aging?

There are many contributing factors to premature aging. Smoking and eating too much sugar can increase your risk of developing wrinkles at an early age. However, even if you abstain from tobacco and maintain a healthy diet, your skin can still develop lines if you spend too much time in the sun unprotected.

Therefore, sunscreen is crucial to prevent your skin from aging which is why we recommend you have some sunscreen on you at all times.

When is the Best Time to Use Sunscreen?

You need to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before getting any sunlight exposure. This gives the substance ample time to absorb into the skin to protect it. A lot of people only think to apply sunscreen when it's hot out in the summertime. But even if it feels cool outside, the sun is still out there, and all it takes is 15 minutes to result in damage.

Why a Daily Men's Skincare Routine is Important

Every day your skin is exposed to contaminants. It's critical to take care of your skin past a basic shower so that it remains vibrant for years to come. If you use a daily skincare routine for men, your skin remains more youthful, and when you feel good about the way you look, you gain a powerful confidence boost. Plus, it's easier to prevent the signs of aging than trying to correct them later.

How Expensive is a Daily Skincare Routine?

A lot of men are deterred from adopting a daily face care routine because they think it will get expensive. However, it's vital to consider how much your skin's health is worth to you. Spending a little money now can save you some major headaches in the future.

Face care from men can not only help you look your best, but it will also ensure that you don't have to spend extra bucks in the future to replenish your skin. Therefore, even if there are some costs associated with men's facial care, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Ultimately, the expense is probably a lot lower than you're thinking. Higher price tags don't necessarily correlate to better products. A lot of the items you'll find from ishonest don't cost much, and you can save even more by subscribing to regular shipments.

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