Saweeties Nail Polish of Choice Costs $2

Is there anyone more in demand at the moment than Saweetie? As we await her debut album, she just released her latest single, “Icy Chain”, and performed it on Saturday Night Live. She’s been in attendance at every major red carpet event of 2021. She’s even had her own McDonald’s meal. (It included “Saweetie ’n Sour” sauce, naturally.) A huge beauty lover, Saweetie was also recently named a global ambassador for MAC Cosmetics, and in addition, she’s an ambassador and frequent collaborator with SinfulColors nail polish — a brand she’s loved since high school. Above all else, she’s also done it all looking absolutely glamorous. Over Zoom, she opened up to ishonest about what goes into keeping up with all of her showstopping appearances.

Below, Saweetie talks with ishonest about her “airplane eyebrows,” how long nails are better for pimple popping, and the TV show that inspired her current hair color.

What’s your earliest memory of playing with beauty products?

I remember getting in trouble. My mom used to be a makeup artist and she had the classic big silver MAC kit. She had hella lipsticks in there and, being curious, I went through her makeup bag and I took all the lipsticks and drew on the mirror. I thought it was artistic.

What's your favorite party of beauty now?

I'm really into skincare. I love a good charcoal mask. I wear a lot of makeup because I work a lot. I think it's important on my days off, or even just when I have time, to put on a charcoal mask and get all the gunk out of my skin. I feel like if I wasn't a musician, I'd be an aesthetician because I enjoy giving myself a facial. I think my favorite is at night because I have time to sit in front of the mirror and I have the magnifying glass and I have at it. I have all the tools to pop pimples and to get white heads and black heads. It sounds really nasty, but it's fun. I'm like an aesthetician for real.

Do your nails get in the way?

I operate better with longer nails. I've been wearing long nails for a long time, so they don't get in the way. Actually, long nails make a good tool for pimple popping.

Day to day, what does your beauty routine look like?

My makeup routine is really light. I try to get ready in under 30 minutes. I'll put a timer on my phone so I'm not in the mirror for a long time, because makeup is like an art to me. I can do my makeup for two hours because the blending, contouring, and trying out different colors is fun to me. But I'm so busy, I try to just keep my routine down to 30 minutes. It's just foundation. I do my eyebrows. I think what gets the most attention are my eyebrows. I'll contour my eyebrows, but everything else is just really quick. And then I put my hair into a bun and throw a hat on. I'm a MAC girl. All my makeup is pretty much MAC Cosmetics.

How does that change when you’re performing? What goes into creating those looks?

It depends on where I'm going and my mood. Sometimes I'm natural and sometimes I'm hella glittery. It just really depends on how I'm feeling. I try to plan with mood boards, but I really dress and I do my makeup based on how I feel. You just never know what you're going to get with me.

Do you have a favorite tip that you've picked up from a makeup artist you’ve worked with?

Everyone does my eyebrows different, but what I really like is when they elongate my eyebrows. I feel like it changes the shape of my face. Eyebrows are really important. I think doing your eyebrows is like doing surgery in 15 minutes. Depending on how you do them, you can change the shape of your face.

What’s your ideal brow shape when you do your makeup?

I would call them airplane eyebrows, because they kind of come out straight and long.

Right now you have this red hair that’s amazing. What's your favorite hair color you've ever had?

Honestly, I'm really feeling this one. And what's crazy about my hair color is that everyone thinks that I'm wearing wigs, but I'm actually dyeing my real hair every time. Right now I'm using Olaplex, but my hair's gone, girl. When I go on my healthy hair journey, I'll let you know.

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