Save Your Hair from Wind and Rain with These Easy Tips

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Aside from a bad cut, nothing can ruin your hair quite like the weather, with wind and rain often playing havoc with our locks.

There's nothing more infuriating than getting ready to go out and styling your hair to perfection using the best hairdryer, only to step out the front door and have wind and rain ruin all the effort you've just put into your look. But don't worry, we're here to help, we've rounded up some top tips and guidance on how to help protect your 'do from crazy-weather using the best hair styling products or by trying styles like the messy bun, it's easy when you know how.

How to save your hair from wind and rain

There are three products that will help you combat the assault the weather has on your hair...

1. Try a styling primer

Primers aren't just for your face, it's well worth investing in hair primer. Work a little through your damp strands before blow-drying, and the clever formula helps give your hair extra hold and style memory. This means that even if your hair is blown about, you can simply brush it through and it'll return to your style, whether it's loose waves or a bouncy blowout.

Blow Dry It Quick Dry Primer Spray, $4.99 | L'Oreal

A spritz of primer spray will help keep your hair looking good, whatever the weather.

2. Buy a stronghold hairspray

This may seem obvious, but a good quality hairspray can work wonders for preventing kinks and frizz from settling in. Simply mist over your hairbrush and then run it through the lengths to ensure every strand is coated. Hairspray coats strands with an invisible film to prevent moisture from triggering frizzy flare-ups.

Bb. Strong Finish Firm Hold Hairspray, $32 | Sephora

This hairspray works well on all hair types, spritz over your finished style to keep flyaways at bay.

3. Hair cream is your quick-fix savior

You've been battered with gale-force winds en route to work? Don't worry! When you get to the office grab a nourishing hair cream and work a small amount through your lengths and ends. A nourishing hair cream will tame any flyaways and restore your hair's glossy sheen.

Nourishing Styling Cream, $28 | Living Proof

Smooth through hair to eliminate frizz, smooth strands and add shine.

Hairstyles that hold up in the wind and rain

There comes a point when you have to admit defeat and style out that weather- induced bad hair day. Here are three easy options

1. A topknot

Tie your hair out of your face with this sleek, chic and classic style. Sleek not your thing? A messy topknot looks just as good. Gather all hair up to the highest point you can managethis style works best with medium hairstyles or long hairstylesand secure with a snag-free band. Smooth back stray hairs with hairspray or pull a few strands loose if a messy bun is more your style.

2. A low ponytail

The great thing about this style is that you can lean into the blustery weather. If a few strands fall by your faceit looks even better than before. This look works just as well on short hairstyles too, secure your hair at the nape of your neck and allow a few strands to come loose for a weather-proof look.

3. A loose plait

Again, you can lean into the weather by putting your hair into a loose plait. When strands fall out, it just looks even better than before. Gather all hair over one shoulder, plait away and simply secure with a snag-free band. No one will ever know you got caught out in the wind and rain!

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