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Sali Hughes X Revolution Skin Review: a Considered Collection of Skincare Basics Thatll Simplify Your Routine Tenfold

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest


As one of the most discerning beauty editors out there, Sali Hughes knows a thing or two about skincare.

Over the course of her career, shes dedicated thousands of inches of Guardian column space to unpacking hyped formulas and buzzy ingredients and racked up countless YouTube views as she noses around the bathrooms of influential faces, building herself a staunch social following in the process. Her legions of skin- obsessed fans not only hang on her every word they buy her every product recommendation, too.

ishonest No.162 - Uneven Skin Tone

No.162 - Uneven Skin Tone

So if youre someone who lives by the gospel according to Sali Hughes, then your interest will no doubt be piqued by the news that shes launching her very own line of skincare: Sali Hughes x Revolution Skin.

Think of it as the ultimate capsule collection of skincare basics. Its like having a really, really great white T-shirt or pair of cotton knickers. Wear whatever you like on top, but lets get the basics sorted, she explains. Thats why her range removes pretty much every element of choice (bar which moisturiser texture you prefer more on that later) and instead offers a clear-cut regime of the ingredients and formulas she believes every routine should include.

The antithesis of single ingredient skincare which can often render even the most clued-up skincare user completely confused, Hughes range is about affordable, straightforward and effective skincare that doesnt require 13 layers of irritating actives and a degree in biochemistry. Clever, if you ask me.

A discerning voice in the often over-excited world of skincare, itll come as no surprise to hear that Hughes had a rather specific set of non-negotiables to tick off before shed even entertain creating her own range. I wanted British, affordable, democratic, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly products, plus the freedom and autonomy to make only products I believe in and would use myself. Of course, she wasnt short on offers from beauty collaborators, but it was Revolution Beauty a brand to which she regularly doles out praise that had the foresight to make it happen.

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Shes not asking for your devout loyalty. As much as I hope youll fall in love with it, this is not a brand that demands your monogamy, she says. Each product can stand on its own two feet and be slotted alongside any existing favourites.

The balm cleanser

Undoubtedly my favourite formula from the entire range, this cleansing balm feels almost solid in the pot but soon melts down to a decadent oil after a few seconds of light massage motions. It is brilliant at dissolving make-up (even the countless layers of heavy-duty mascara I apply each morning), hasnt once rendered my eyes stingy or cloudy, and consistently leaves my skin feeling supple and hydrated. I love it.

The acid exfoliant

I love acid exfoliants for their regenerative, glow-giving properties, but have so far struggled to find one that doesnt upset my easily irritated skin. This one answered my prayers. While it does contain five powerful skin acids, its fairly gentle in its approach, so you neednt fear overuse.

The moisturiser

The richer of the two moisturiser formulations, Cream Quench checks every one of my ingredient boxes. There are ceramides, squalane and glycerin (the holy trifecta of barrier-strengthening, moisturising ingredients, if you ask me) as well as sunflower seed oil and shea butter, used here for their emollient qualities. And while it provides hydration you can feel for hours post-use, remarkably, it isnt even the slightest bit greasy.

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