Ricki Lake Just Shaved Her Head After Struggling with Hair Loss for Over 30 Years

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The post features a stunning selfie of Lake with her newly shaved head, along with a lengthy caption that details her story. The caption begins: "Liberated and Free, Me. First things first, I am not sick. (THANK GOD.) I am not having a mid-life crisis. nor am I having a mental breakdown, though I have been suffering." The former talk show host then explains that she's been struggling with hair loss for the majority of her adult life, and that for the most part, she's done so silently.

"It has been debilitating, embarrassing, painful, scary, depressing, lonely, all the things. There have been a few times where I have even felt suicidal over it. Almost no one in my life knew the level of deep pain and trauma I was experiencing. Not even my therapist/s over the years knew my truth," she writes.

It was feeling lonely in her experience that ultimately made Lake want to share her story. "I know that by sharing my truth, I will be striking a chord with so so many women and men. I am not alone in this and my goal is to help others while at the same time unshackle myself from this quiet hell I have been living in," she says.

Lake reveals that the thinning and breakage started after she played Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray in 1988 and her virgin hair was triple-processed and teased every two weeks while filming. "My hair was never the same," she says. There were other contributing factors as well — for instance, Lake believes her hair loss was caused by "yo-yo dieting," birth control, stress, intense weight fluctuations, her pregnancies, hair dye, and extensions. "Working as talent on various shows and movies, whether [Dancing With the Stars] or my talk show, also took its toll on my fine hair," she adds.

Like many people who experience hair loss, Lake tried different treatment avenues, including the use of steroid shots and countless supplements. "My hair would recover and then shed again. It was maddening," she recalls.

Lake's post has been live for less than 24 hours and has already garnered nearly 30,000 likes and legions of comments. Fans and fellow industry friends rolled in with the support, leaving messages like, "Beautiful as always! Luv you Ricki 💙," "We all love u so much!!!❤️ Thank you for being so vulnerable with us always since day 1 ❤️," and "❤️❤️❤️ Radiant woman."

Cheers to Lake for sharing her story and making those struggling with hair loss feel seen and accepted. Hair loss affects up to 50 percent of women, as previously stated to ishonest, so needless to say, she's so far from alone. Now, hopefully some other women will know that, too.

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