Relaxing, Rejuvenating Body Treatments for Summer

Still, the humid, sunny season is creeping up behind our untanned bodies faster than we can say margarita, no salt. After a year and a half of solitude, most of us will finally have an incentive to travel somewhere fabulousor even just stay local and beach it up.

Stocked with new sunscreen, hats, and bikinis we forgot we purchased online one wine-filled night or another, most have begun to prep for the inevitable summertime party. To help this preparation, we've collected a list of body popular treatments and tools that are readily availablefor those who use treatmentsto help you feel empowered and beautiful in whatever you're rocking wear for the summer. Why not explore a treatment that won't change your natural look, but enhance it instead? See our favorites, here.

Treating Stubborn Problem Areas

Maintain Body Tone Treatment at Georgia Louise Atelier in New York City and Los Angeles

When even the most obscene amounts of exercise don't manage to tone up stubborn areas, bi-coastal celebrity skin guru Georgia Louise's Maintain Body Tone will help. This treatment uses the power of radiofrequency energy to heat tissue and stimulate subnormal collagen production that, in turn, reduces the appearance of loose skin. The targeted technique induces tissue remodeling and helps with elastin and collagen production. There's no pain involvedand it feels more or less like a hot stone massage. One session per week at $400 an hour. 8 weeks recommended.

Emsculpt at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group

Emsculpt has become the answer for so many when exhausting, repetitive workouts still won't yield results. For partners Dr. Payman Danielpour and Dr. Jay Layke, who head Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, Emsculpt has rapidly become one of the most in-demand treatments their A-list clientele demandsnot just for summer, but year-round. It's uncomplicated and precise, and it's an innovative device that can be utilized to get your body summer ready, pain-free with limited downtime. Emsculpt couples radio frequency and HIFEM+ (high intensity electromagnetic field energy) technology to eliminate fat while simultaneously building muscle. This revolutionary device can be utilized to sculpt the abdomen and buttocks. After just four treatments and zero downtime, patients will notice remarkable reductions in subcutaneous fat and a more toned physique, resulting in approximately 30% fat reduction and a 25% increase in muscle. $1250 a session, four sessions recommended.

Targeted Cellulite Treatment That Works

QWO Cellulite Injection at JUVA Skin and Laser Center, New York City

For those who are continually disappointed by anti-cellulite products that turn out to be bogus, QWO is the first FDA-approved cellulite-ridding injectable proven to get rid of cellulite in specific areas of the body. The renowned NYC dermatologist Dr. Bruce Katz has been part of an ongoing two-and-a-half- year study on the subjectand is one of the first to offer the treatment to help women who suffer from moderate to severe cellulite. The QWO injectable dissolves the fibrous bands that pull down on skin, causing the orange peel skin characterized by the appearance of cellulite. Three sessions are recommended at $695-$995 per session depending on the number of cellulite dimples/areas.

PFRANKMD Knee Lift by Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, Cosmetic Dermatologist, in New York City

Believe it or not, there is actually a high demand for treating the loose skin sagging around the knees. It's a pet peeve for many people; and for those genuinely bothered by that specific area, New York cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank has formulated an advanced combination treatment to help tighten the knee area and promote collagen stimulation. Similar to cellulite, volume changes occur in areas on the body over time. Frank's knee lift treatment first starts with injections (mild to moderate painbeing honest here,) of hyper-dilute biostimulatory fillers for texture and volume to fill the area and stimulate the collagen, followed by energy-delivered micro needling for elasticity. He finishes by utilizing suture suspension techniques with barbed PDO threads, which help lift the sagging skin over the knees. Results can be seen after one treatment and there is a downtime of five days before you can exercise again. Three sessions are recommended, and treatments start at $7,500.

Flatter Ab Solution

The Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Drainage Detox

This hyped, sought-after lymphatic drainage treatment with a massive cult following by health-conscious A-listers (Lady Gaga and Jennifer Aniston are loyal fans) is now available for in-home use and purchase. It's a suit that rhythmically pulsates up and down your body, performing the most comfortable and precise lymphatic drainage massage. It basically rids your body of excess toxins and puffiness. Be forewarned, purchasing your own in-home suit comes with a hefty start price of $11,900 but available in-spa treatments are far more reasonable, at $200 per session.

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