Products from The Hair Edit that Deliver a Good Hair Day

The brand has been transforming the world of haircare.

Like many other modern brands, The Hair Edit started because the founders saw an empty space, specifically for accessible yet beautifully designed and high- quality hair tools and accessories. “I remember walking though the hair tool and accessory aisle of a retailer and seeing a lot of uninspiring basic products, primary colors, and shiny plastic that did not seem in sync with the needs and wants of beauty enthusiast millennials,” says Carine Roudil, the VP of marketing at Fromm International. “It was almost as if this category was forgotten in the beauty section, even though hair tools and accessories are products we use every day as part of our hair routine.”

The Hair Edit was founded in 2019 as part of Fromm Beauty, which has been around since 1907 and is focused on hairstyling essentials, tools, and accessories in both the professional and consumer spaces. “We’re essentially a very young brand,” Roudil says. “Therefore, we are in a constant state of evolution as we strive to truly understand and provide what women need when it comes to caring for and styling their hair. We engage with our consumers on upcoming trends, product development, and we genuinely welcome all their feedback on our products.”

Founded: As part of Fromm Beauty in 2019.

Based in: Chicago

Pricing: $

Best known for: Delivering quality products without breaking the bank, from the hottest headbands to top-notch hair tools.

Most popular product: The Detangle & Massage Brush is one of the brand's cult favorites, along with the Tame & Condition Comb. As for accessories, the Gilded Headband and Marble Pins are top sellers.

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Marble Pins

“These are the ultimate everyday essential and they go with virtually any outfit, from casual to dressy,” Roudil says. “I like to wear them three or four at a time on one side of my hair to add a little chic to my look.” Each comes with four pins in a set, so you can mix and match. Major bonus: Though the pins will stay in place, they won’t snag strands.

Finish & Shine Brush

“Just a few strokes a day smooth your hair’s cuticle and distributes natural moisture, which keeps it shiny and healthy,” Roudil says. “I can’t live without it. I love to run this brush through my hair just after I have blown it out to give it extra shine. We recommend using it on dry hair every day as well as using it just after you’ve blown out or curled your hair to give it an extra shine boost.” The boar bristles help to tame flyaways, and the ball-tipped nylon pins detangle while massaging the scalp.

Ruched Ribbons

“These are an elevated twist on the popular scrunchie,” Roudil says. “They feature a delicate satin finish and understated silhouette. They look amazing worn in multiples.” The quad of colors covers all the basics, and the satin finish won’t pull on hair.

Soft-Touch Loops

With this product, The Hair Edit gives your elastic collection a major upgrade. “Ditch the dreaded ponytail crease,” Roudil says. “These are the ultimate no- crease spiral hair ties. We like to style these in a bubble ponytail.” They’re designed to work on all hair types.

Detangle & Massage Brush

“This is one of our cult favorites,” Roudil says. “It not only gently detangles your hair; its unique, flexible, head-hugging paddle gives your scalp a blissful exfoliating massage. It’s great for everyday detangling, but try it in the shower to brush through a deep conditioning treatment.” To ensure you can get a firm grip in the shower, the brush has a non-slip, soft-touch handle, and the ergonomic paddle promises comfort.

Gold Hoop & Pin Barrette

“This cult favorite is just so beautiful,” Roudil says. “It makes simple hairstyles like updos, half-ups, and low ponies look so sophisticated.” And it’s a breeze to style with, since The Hair Edit's two-piece barrette is a cinch to use.

Carved Chaplet Headband

Looking to give off some Gossip Girl vibes? “It’s pretty much like wearing a crown every day,” Roudil says of this headband. “It’s a staff favorite for virtual work meetings.” Its rounded tips ensure you can wear it all day long without inducing a headband headache.

Tame & Condition Comb

“This essential everyday detangling comb is super gentle on your hair,” Roudil says. “It’s designed to work in or out of the shower. Like the Detangle & Massage Brush, use it in the shower to comb through a deep conditioning treatment—your hair will thank you.” The wide teeth guarantee this comb will sail through your strands, plus it has a non-slip grip.

Snap Triangles Clips

Did someone say throwback? “Another cult favorite, these snap clips are really easy to pop in your hair and have a total '90s vibe,” Roudil says.

Modern Pins

Go for the gold and you’re sure to be a winner with these pins that work for all hair types. “Essential curved gold pins offer a chic twist on the classic bobby pin look,” Roudil says. “Like the Marble Pins, we recommend wearing these in multiples.”

Gilded Band

“This knotted blush headband with a delicate gold detail instantly elevates any outfit,” Roudil says. Truly an outfit-maker, gold is a neutral that goes with practically everything.

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