People are Seeing "Super Satisfying Results" on Thinning Hair with This Growth Serum

Since splurging on a product and seeing little to no difference is always a gamble, ishonest reached out to professional trichologist Nicki Spice to understand why this serum might be worth every penny and according to her expertise, the ingredients are likely to help prevent hair loss and shedding immensely.

'B3, also known as Niacin, is one of the ingredients that stood out for me', Spice shared. '[It] promotes blood circulation and oxygen distribution, resulting in healthy scalp and follicular care, which leads to flourishing hair. B3 [also] naturally helps to reduce inflammation that's identified in some hair loss cases. B3 produces keratin, which repairs, nourishes, and rebuilds the hair strand from within the cortex. [It] also gives the Anagen (growing) phase a boost, resulting in longer and thicker density.'

Beyond niacin, the serum contains worthy sidekicks such as lotus mineral complex, pfaffia extract, and lemon essential oil. All together, these ingredients counteract the effects of stress on the scalp, supplying roots with nourishment for sustainable hair growth. Spice advises using the serum once a week, and that a 'thorough cleanse of the hair and scalp prior to applying the serum will remove buildup, allowing the product to be very effective.'

And according to reviewers, it does provide 'super satisfying results.' One person referred to it as a 'miracle treatment', while another claimed they've been relying on the serum for over 20 years to keep their scalp in check. 'After just a couple of weeks my hair has stopped falling out, and is feeling healthier', shared another dedicated user.

'I had recently recovered from Covid-19 and about a month after, I experienced HUGE sudden hair loss', wrote a different reviewer. 'I was so freaked out, I literally lost about half my hair. I was told about this serum so I ordered this along with the Complexe 5 Stimulating Plant Concentrate. Within a month I noticed a difference in my hair loss. I'm already almost done with my 3 month supply and my hair is now thicker, fuller and healthier, that I no longer need to wear my head coverings, I'm so thankful to have found this serum!'

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