Oprah's Partner Stedman Graham Created a Mini Barbershop During Quarantine

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It seems a lot of celebrities are finding out that they have hidden talents while they're staying home, especially when it comes to hair. While some stars are cutting and coloring their own hair — even resorting to using kitchen scissors, like Kelly Ripa recently did — others are using their newfound skills on partners, family members, and in the case of Oprah's partner, Stedman Graham, on housemates.

"Stedman’s Barbershop 💈," she wrote in the caption of the video. "We’re all having to make do. With No hairdressers. No barbers. My daughter girl @thando_d convinced @stedmangraham to give her a haircut. His first time with clippers. Stressful for some Hilarious for others 😂😂." And it was definitely stressful for Dlomo.

"This is a defining moment, OK?" Dlomo shouts as Graham tightens up the sides.

"Keep your head still, girl," Graham replies as he continues to wield the clippers.

"Uncle Stedman, I'm not moving. I just want you to know that the side is very important," Dlomo says, seemingly worried about whether or not Graham knows what he's doing. She continues to express concern that he's shaving too high up around her head — and all the while, you can see Oprah laughing in the brightly- lit mirror of what appears to be a makeup and grooming room.

"It looks better already," Graham assures her.

Oprah chimes in with, "I wouldn't say better. I'd say it looks different," which increases the fear in Dlomo's eyes.

But despite Dlomo's apprehension and Oprah's teasing, her hair turned out adorable — and Graham may have a new passion for hairstyling.

If you're concerned that Graham, Oprah, and Dlomo weren't practicing social distancing, you're not alone. One commenter wrote, "No social distance...is this allowed??? It's all good at another time but right now this is awkward." Oprah was quick to respond and remind fans that Dlomo, a graduate of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy, has been staying with them.

"We've all been in the same house now for 40 days," she said. "No one's been out. No one's come in. Except Stedman joined us 2 weeks ago. After being separately quarantined for 14 days."

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