of Rachel Lindsay's Hair Looks that Showcase The Versatility of Black Hair

From braids to buns.

Rachel Lindsay Abasolo has been a powerhouse since she first graced TV screens in 2017. The Dallas native joined the Bachelor franchise as a contestant on season 21 and later became the first Black bachelorette. Since then, Abasolo has continued to be transparent about her experience navigating Bachelor Nation on and offscreen.

Unlike many contestants who come and go, Abasolo remained an ever-present voice and influence on the show. She was praised for bringing diversity to a franchise notorious for not being inclusive and consistently reminded the network, producers, and fans that there's room for improvement.

Since 2017, Abasolo has been vocal about how The Bachelor addresses race and eventually announced she was stepping away from the Bachelor franchise, expressing she was tired of the show's "toxic fandom" in a recent Vulture interview. Amidst the trials of her experience with the show, Abasolo has been a much-needed voice in reality television. In addition to speaking up when it counts the most, she also consistently evokes Black excellence through her hairstyles and beauty choices. Ahead, find some of her most versatile, gorgeous looks that further solidify her status as Black reality-TV royalty.

Box Braids

Abasolo rocked classic box braids during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter after becoming the first Black Bachelorette. Box braids are one of the most versatile protective styles, and you can play around with the length, size, and color of your braids. Abasolo's style of choice is letting her box braids hang loose or tying them into a cute half-up ponytail, which is ideal for keeping your plaits out of your face.

Topknot Bun

Topknot buns are a super sleek style that can be casually or elegantly worn. Here, Abasolo rocked a slicked top knot paired with a comfier two-piece outfit that could quickly go from the office to dinner plans. This is an effortless style to duplicate as it usually only requires hairspray, edge control gel, and a sturdy hair tie.


The former Bachelorettes loves to sport microbraids. These super tiny braids are a great protective hairstyle. It is a low-maintenance look that promotes hair growth and length retention when installed and cared for correctly.

High Ponytail with Slicked Baby Hairs

Abasolo has mastered the art of no-fuss hair, including this high ponytail and slicked-down baby hairs—good for chilling at home, brunch with your friends, and beyond.

Sleek and Straight

Abasolo looks stunning with her pressed strands and makes a strong case for a silk press. Still, the success of a straight look is always dependent on the weather, lifestyle choices (we're looking at you, gym), and other factors. You can help preserve your style by prepping your hair with a heat protectant and a flexible holding mist before applying heat. Other options like sew-in weave and wigs can also help you achieve a similar style without impacting your natural hair.

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