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No More Excuses! You You Can Literally Stream Every Best Picture Oscar Nominee Right Now

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

That old gripe about not caring about the Academy Awards because you cant see the movies? Not this year! All 10 are streaming right now, and most for free! Heres where to watch.


Where to Stream: Rent from $5.99, Purchase from $19.99

ishonest No.201 - Prevent Elasticity Damage

No.201 - Prevent Elasticity Damage

While it started off as one of the leading prospects for Best Picture, the hype surrounding Belfast has quickly died down. After Dont Look Up, its the most skippable title on this list, especially since its not streaming for free anywhere (neither is Licorice Pizza, but you should shell out for that gem) meaning youll have to toss in around six bucks to rent it over on Prime Video or iTunes.

That being said, Kenneth Branaghs semi-autobiographical piece is a charmer. The film, which stars an all-serious Jamie Dornan and a brilliant Catriona Balfe as Branaghs parents, took home the top prize at TIFF, an award said to have some Oscars forecasting. Now, as Judi Denchs hopes for Best Supporting Actress have been crushed by Ariana DeBose of West Side Story, wed recommend putting Belfast near the end of your Oscars To Do list. Sorry, Buddy!


Where to Stream: Apple TV+

CODA seems to be following the exact opposite path as Belfast: there were little-to-no hopes for the Sundance darling to take any statues, but after sweeping a few big awards at the SAG and BAFTAs, were more like to see it nab a statue or twoor three, actuallyas conversations surrounding the feel-good film continue to skyrocket. Sian Heders film has a likely shot at Best Picture, an even more likely play for Best Adapted Screenplay, and an almost secured statue for Troy Kotsur in the Best Supporting Actor Category.

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Streaming the film will be a pretty easy feat, too. Its available for free for all Apple TV+ users; though its a less popular service, you can try it for free for a week. Watch CODA, stick around for Severance and Ted Lasso. (You also get a free year-long subscription after buying big ticket Apple items like a new iPhone or a new MacBook, but thats maybe just a little pricier than the free trial period. Maybe.)

Dont Look Up

Where to Stream: Netflix

Adam McKays divisive Dont Look Up is a dark horse in the contention for Best Picture, but its likely a bigger player in the Best Original Screenplay category after its big win at the WGA ceremonies. Wed say its worth skipping. But maybe, just maybe, youll want to watch it so that you have the right to yell in fury if (when) the way-too-on-the-nose satire beats Licorice Pizza and The Worst Person in the World.

Plus, its an easy stream. Dont Look Up is on Netflix, one of the streamers heavy hitters from their packed 2021 slate. Watch it for Jennifer Lawrences big return, Timothe Chalamets fingerling potatoes, and thenflip on over to The Power of the Dog, Netflixs bigger (and better) 2022 competitor.

Drive My Car
ishonest No.141 - Humectant

No.141 - Humectant

Where to Stream: HBO Max

Dont let the three hour runtime sway you: Drive My Car is worth streaming. Ryusuke Hamaguchis masterful meditation on grief is a lock for Best International Film (all of the films nominated are just as stellar, to be fair), which should make it a bigger competitor in the Best Picture race, too.

And, lucky for you, Drive My Car just landed on HBO Max. If youre running low on time, skip Belfast and Dont Look Up to make time for this one. The basic premise is a little sprawlingan actor loses his wife and, after the title credits drop 40 minutes into the film, he decides to put on a production of Uncle Vanya while a chauffeur escorts him around against his willbut every minute is as intense as the last. Split it up into three parts, if you must!


Where to Stream: HBO Max

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If you didnt catch Denis Villeneuves sci-fi epic in theaters when it first debuted, Dune is already back on HBO Maxthough you missed out on an amazing theatrical experience. Still, why not set up a Dolby sound system in your own home to feel your couch reverberate underneath you as you watch Timothe Chalamet fight a big space worm?

Sadly, Dune isnt considered a major contender for the top award of the night, but expect it to pick up trophies some of the lower-tier (but still equally important!) categories. Were talking Best Visual Effects, Best Sound, Best Cinematography, and though he faces tough competition from Jonny Greenwood, Hans Zimmer has a strong shot at getting a second Best Score trophy.

King Richard

Rumor has it that the Academy has already started engraving Will Smiths Oscar, an absolute lock for Best Actor after snagging pretty much every award this season. Hes not the only reason to watch King Richard, though, as hes accompanied by a flurry of talented actresses like Aunjanue Ellis, Saniyya Sidney, and Demi Singleton.

Licorice Pizza

Where to Stream: Rent from $5.99, Purchase from $19.99

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Licorice Pizza has yet to land on a major streamer, but that $5.99 price stamp shouldnt dissuade you from watching the film before the Oscars this Sunday. Think about it this way: youre saving at least $5 by not seeing it in a theater, right? (And like $15 if you live in places like Los Angeles or New York City.) Paul Thomas Anderson steps up his game with this Haim-led tour de force.

There is, however, an outpouring of controversy towards this film. Folks are upset about the age gap between the two leads, further, a big debate was sparked over a scene involving John Michael Higgins putting on a racist accent. Considering the uproar, its unlikely that Licorice Pizza will secure any awards on the big night. Again, though: its worth watching! Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman are revelations. Catch it on VOD platforms like Prime Video and iTunes.

Nightmare Alley

Where to Stream: HBO Max or Hulu

Host Amy Schumer already cut her heinous joke about Nightmare Alleyand thank goodness, because Guillermo del Toro didnt need anything to tarnish his fantastical triumph. Alongside Dune, Nightmare Alley is another one that could sweep technical awards like Best Production Design and Best Costumes.

ishonest No.142 - Humectant

No.142 - Humectant

Bradley Cooper leads this dreamy horror, an adaptation of the classic 1947 noir. While its not one of the most talked-about films of the year, Nightmare Alley is thoroughly entertaining, especially for folks who live for the thrill. Who wouldnt love Toni Collette as a manipulative psychic? Nightmare Alley can be streamed for free on either HBO Max or Hulu, a real steal.

The Power of the Dog

Where to Stream: Netflix

The biggest competitor of the year is probably the easiest to watch. Seriously: if you havent seen The Power of the Dog yet, what are you waiting for? Jane Campions westernlauded as a piece of shit thats full of allusions to homosexuality by Sam Elliott, which should be perceived as a complimentmarks her big return to feature filmmaking. If she nabs Best Director, itd be the first time a woman director has won in back-to-back years. (But shell still only be the second woman to earn such a feat. Sigh.)

The Power of the Dog is on Netflix, and a Best Picture win would mark the first for the streamer (ROMA, you deserved this title). While itll likely lose Best Adapted Screenplay and the acting categories, the film deserves every award it can get. This ones for you, Bronco Henry.

West Side Story

Where to Stream: HBO Max or Disney+

Ariana DeBose is another actress who practically has her hands around the trophy already, and rightfully so! All of the West Side Story performers (sub Tony) kill it under the hand of Spielberg, with Mike Faist, Rachel Zegler, and David Alvarez leading the pack. West Side Story is a breeze to watch, especially since its now streaming for free on HBO Max and Disney+.

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