Nina Agdals Secret to Health and Wellness Starts with Forgiveness

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While many most likely recognize Agdal as a face for Victoria's Secret (or from the cover of Sports Illustrated's 50th anniversary Swimsuit issue,) those on the East Coast this summer might regard Agdal as more of a wellness practitioner. This month, Agdal will be teaching The Agdal Method at The Surf Lodge in Montauk as a part of their wellness series with Lightbox Jewelry.

I'm not here to tell you what to do, Agdal says of the fitness classes and wellness advice that comprise The Agdal Method. I'm here to help you find out what works for you. In her Beauty Notes interview below, Agdal details some of her favorite workout and beauty routinesand while she might not be telling us what to do, her positivity (even over the phone) is so infectious we're ready to take all of her suggestions.

Do your workout and wellness habits change in the summer, or are you consistent year-round?

I am all-year-round at this point, but I do want to say I've had very different relationships over time with fitness, wellness, and nutrition.

The whole thing of the hot girl summer, or summer body, or all of these terms, can be extremely triggering to a lot of us. They put pressure on us to get in shape for the season coming up, and that's extremely hard on our mental health and our self-esteem. I really believe in finding something that can be a lifestyle and a healthy habit that makes you happy.

When I'm stressed out, I definitely treat my body worse than when I'm not. Are there any habits you catch yourself doing that are flags for you, indicating you need a reset?

I skip out on my skincare routine, I don't do my makeup, I don't make myself feel good, I don't lotion my skin, I forget to brush my teeth. Little, simple things that, when I'm feeling good, I don't even think twice about doing. But when I'm in a stressed-out place, or there's something going on in my personal life, or I'm sad or anxious, those little things seem to be overwhelming tasks. When I start doing that, it's a big sign for me to check in with myself and ask, Okay, what's going on? Where do we need to adjust? Let's really figure out how we can get back to feeling good and feeling strong.

Let's talk about your skincare routine. Is it the same morning and night?

It really depends on what my skin is likewhen I'm out in the Hamptons versus when I'm in the city, or if I'm traveling, it really depends on the conditions. I don't have one product that's my go-to, but obviously I have a few products that I absolutely love.

I recently partnered with GuerlainI've always been a big fan of their products, and I particularly love their beauty Youth Watery Oil. It's incredible. I'm one of those people who is not afraid of putting oils on my face, and this one really just hydrates your skin. Instantly, I can tell I'm glowing. I love to see effects right away when it comes to skin care, so that's obviously a big, big plus.

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