Never-Ending Braid, High Bun, and More: Braid Artist Shani Crowe Re-Invents Beach Hair

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Tickled Pink

To complement these long, goddess braids (box braids that are curled at the ends), Crowe placed beads a few inches from the bottom for a look that's "elegant, not too busy," she says.

Color in the Lines

What’s the best way to set off neutral, earth-toned makeup? Eyeliner so bold it’s electric. "I used cream color first, then metallic powder for strong, dense color," says makeup artist Mariko Hirano. She layered Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color in Azure and Dior 5 Couleurs Glow Vibes in Blue Beat.

In the Loop

"You can’t really see where this braid begins or ends," says Crowe. "The front portion is reminiscent of a finger wave, but it’s just a simple zigzag braid on the hairline."

She Wears Seashells

"To put my own braids in a bun, I tip my head forward, hang my head upside down, and gather them together," says Crowe. "But with [these long] braids with beads, I had to fold the hair. The tall bun takes the familiar silhouette to another level, literally."

Growth Opportunity

Crowe added extensions to make these braids "longer than her natural hair and just a tiny, tiny bit thicker," she says.

Taking Turns

"In the bend of the zigzag, I sewed some cowrie shells," says Crowe. "Then I put some shells in the back — it makes the profile look cool."

Glow On

For the most radiant summery sheen, Hirano layered two products — a liquid highlighter and an oil-based serum — onto the cheekbones and bridge of the nose, then misted a sheer sunscreen spray over the models’ bodies. (She used Chanel Les Beiges Highlighting Fluid, Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, and JM Solution Marine Luminous SPF50+.)

Loosening Up

"Instead of combing out the braids at the end of the day, Crowe simply unbraided the hair to create entirely new — and very sexy — textures. "I wasn’t trying to hide the fact that we just did braids," she says.


Following an afternoon of sun and surf, creating sultry, loose waves for evening was a breeze. "After wearing a bun and braids for a few hours, we took the hair down and it maintained a slight crinkle texture," says Crowe.

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