Natural Hair Influencers Using Their Platform to Make a Statement

When it comes to fashion, fitness, and beauty trends, we’ve continued to look to influencers to pave the way. While we’ve grown to love many of these social mavens because of the stunning photos and must-try tutorials they post, there are a few who stand out through their powerful messages. In the natural hair community, particularly, many women inspire us far beyond their hair content. Ahead, we’re spotlighting 20 amazing natural hair influencers who are unapologetically embracing their textured tresses and making the most of their social platform. From unfiltered posts on self-love to advocating for activism, these ladies share all to empower their digital tribe. We can guarantee you’re going to want to follow each of them.

Muneera Page

Muneera hails from Houston and prides herself on being a mother, wife, and career woman. As a lifestyle blogger, her social accounts paint a powerful and inspirational portrait of her personal and professional successes. Her platform focuses on how she uses faith and family as the compass for how she lives her life. She encourages her community to share their parental milestones, seek new opportunities, and embrace their culture.

Alicia B

Fearless is the best descriptor for influencer and blogger Alicia B. Authenticity and purpose drive her platform as a beauty and lifestyle blogger. She balances a career in finance with her passion for digital storytelling. Her content isn’t constructed to fit the latest trends but is instead fueled by her creativity, something that not only inspires her audience but gives her the inspiration she needs.

Kaylani Quiocho

Kaylani is a lifestyle and beauty blogger who is unapologetic about loving her natural hair. Lately, she has been chronicling her journey with her second pregnancy and provided an unfiltered view of how she’s handling each term. Her content also features a preview of her day-to-day life, remote-working activities, and how social media can impact mental health. Her raw and thought- provoking content helps to engage and create a dialogue with her followers, outside of general beauty tips.

Tai’ja Kerr

Tai’ja Kerr has taken the world by storm since she became the first Afro- Hawaiian to star in a Sephora beauty campaign. She proudly embodies her culture and integrates that into every piece of content she creates on-and- off social media. As a creative, she loves to share each aspect of her work, including singing, painting, and creating beauty looks. Her posts are pure and intentional, and invite followers into her world far beyond campaigns and lookbooks. She seeks to form real connections and bring positivity to everyone.


Tabbie-Anna is the self-proclaimed “fro bearer” and creator of The Curly Clinic. Her content centers around self-love, empowerment, and inspiring others to create beauty routines that work for them. She is deeply introspective, creative, and loves to share fun facts and tips on what inspired her content. With her venture, The Curly Clinic, she gets to put her passion into practice by working with textured hair clients and helping embrace their natural hair.

Wanda Mulzac

Wanda Mulzac has been heating up the influencer game for years now. She is a speaker and influencer who is passionate about female empowerment. Her content strikes a balance between her everyday life and beauty. She has spent years giving curl tips and insight into her journey as she’s evolved from an influencer to a wife and mother. She continues to champion self-love on her platforms by celebrating her postpartum body, intentionally pursuing her goals, and being vulnerable.


Genetra first rose to prominence as a waist-length natural hair influencer. She has since evolved into a self-proclaimed “mompreneur” who runs a profitable photography business in Waco, Texas. Genetra empowers other moms to pursue their passions and shows women how to master business, motherhood, and everything in between.

Kaitlin Clark

Kaitlin is a natural hair enthusiast from Philadelphia. When she decided to embrace her natural curls after hating them for several years, it taught her the importance of being her most authentic self. That is when she launched her platform, "Kait Touch This," which has become an outlet for her to share bits of her life and inspire others to be the best version of themselves. Her slogan, "live more for less," is another theme she incorporates into her content. For her, this means that it's possible to look and feel your best without spending loads of money.

Angelina Darrisaw

Angelina is the founder of C Suite Coach. Her mission is to advance equity in the workplace. She does this by sourcing professional development content, hiring and staffing vetted coaches, and managing DEI programs for Fortune 500 companies. Angelina is focused on making coaching more accessible through free programming and coaching to Black and Latinx audiences. Since 2018, one of the largest programs she manages offers coaching and training to over 60,000 Black and Latinx small and midsize businesses.

Danni Washington

Danni Washington is full of charisma and has been blazing a trail in the science industry. She’s a seasoned television personality and ocean explorer with over 10 years of science media experience. She uses her social platform to educate more people on STEM topics and environmental activism, specifically promoting intersectional environmentalism (a term coined by Leah Thomas).

Gaby Santana

Gaby Santana is a marketer and hair influencer from Baymon, Puerto Rico. She started her platform to create a community amongst Latinas told that curly hair isn’t beautiful. As an Afro-Latina, she is proud of her roots and encourages her followers to love their curls regardless of the pattern or texture. Culture remains integral to who she is and how she empowers her followers to embrace volume, frizz, and hydration nuances. Santana has partnered with several major hair care brands like Living Proof, Palmers, and Suave Professionals throughout her career.

Alexandra Wilson

Alexandra Wilson has a dynamic background in fashion, journalism, and digital marketing. Her career has led her to work with brands like Fabletics, SheaMoisture, and Essence Magazine. Wilson is also the founder of Queens Conquer, a thought-provoking community of millennial women who break barriers and redefine what success looks like. She strives to provide her followers with the tools and resources needed to live a life rooted in faith and sisterhood and full of purpose.


Sully G is a natural hair and beauty content creator who uses her platform to educate and encourage others to embrace their natural beauty. Through her journey as an influencer, conversations with her community and personal experiences allowed her to understand further that beauty goes beyond appearances. Since, she has used her platform to promote wellness, encourage people in their faith, and support businesses owned by women and people of color.

Catrina Judge

Catrina Judge currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, and uses her account to promote healthy living, fitness, and positivity. Her posts are always encouraging her followers to embrace self-love and wellness. Her commitment to sharing personal milestones and providing uplifting messages is part of her passion for motivating and inspiring others.

Christine Amor

The purpose of Christine Amor’s content is to inspire people to be themselves. Her feed is peppered with a mix of beauty and comedic content. Amor enjoys using her platform to make people laugh and provide them with tips to boost their confidence.

Eunice Asiedu

Faith-based content creator Eunice Asiedu shares her love of hair, fashion, makeup, and vlogging with her followers. While she currently resides in the United Kingdom, she is originally from Ghana and takes immense pride in sharing aspects of her culture with her followers. Her platform focuses on self-love, and she encourages her followers to embrace their natural hair and take care of their skin. Asiedu also advocates for mental health and shares tips with her followers on how they can focus on inner growth.


Coral is a vibrant and passionate content creator who enjoys sharing her motherhood and family journey with her followers. She’s given her followers a front-row seat to her transformation during pregnancy while also sharing her favorite hair routines and products. She also uses her platform to bring awareness to social justice issues like Black Lives Matter and Breonna Taylor's death.


Elena is a digital content creator who enjoys sharing content about fashion, beauty, motherhood, and lifestyle to inspire her audience. For Elena, it’s important to make a difference by using her platform to support impactful causes.

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