Model Mam Adjei Shares The Daily Beauty Routine that Helps Her Focus and Relax

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Welcome to My Beauty Ritual, a weekly series where editors, experts, and pros reveal the ways in which they use beauty — especially skin care — as a method of self-care. In this week’s installment, model Mamé Adjei shares how her skin-care routine helps her focus on what's important to her each day.

As a model, actress, and former Miss Maryland USA, Mamé Adjei is probably more familiar with skin care than most people. But even though her career path has granted her generous access to countless products and services, Adjei's daily routine is actually quite simple — and more grounding than it is glamorous.

"They say cleanliness is next to godliness, and that's how I feel about my beauty rituals," Adjei tells ishonest. I start by taking a nice, relaxing shower, where I am able to release all energies from the day, meditate, and gain clarity for my next moves. Each session requires my attention, focus, and time in order to honor my intentions of creating the best set of practices that my not only my skin and body will thank me for, but that will honor my mind and soul as well."

Adjei loves incorporating a DIY mask into her skin-care routine (one she whips up with turmeric and honey, to be specific) but she follows it up with a mix of oils and some beloved products you may or may not already be familiar with — and they're definitely worth checking out if you aren't.

"After washing off the DIY mask, I use Tatcha The Deep Cleanse Exfoliating Cleanser," Adjei tells ishonest. But the pore-unclogging, Best of Beauty winning gel cleanser isn't the only Tatcha formula on her list. She also uses The Essence, another best-seller from the brand — and one that promises to smooth skin with a blend of Japanese "superfoods."

For hydration, Adjei follows up with IS Clinical Reparative Emulsion Moisturizer, which features peptides, vitamins, and moisture boosters like glycerin and squalane. She then seals it in with Nyakio Maracuja & Yangu Rescue Oil — but not before customizing it. "Tea tree oil is an essential oil that I dilute with the Nyakio oil for extra efficacy," she tells ishonest.

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