Memes Only People with Hyperhidrosis Will Understand

If you feel like you're constantly in a pool of sweat., know that you're not alone.

Most people have endured excessive sweating at some point in their lives — during a big job interview, before a first date, after 10 reps at the gym — but some folks get drenched in sweat even without those triggers.

Everyone sweats — it’s necessary to cool the body — but hyperhidrosis sends your sweat glands into overdrive, keeping the sweat coming even when your body doesn’t need cooling. Hyperhidrosis sweat usually occurs in one or two spots while the rest of the body stays dry, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). Common hyperhidrosis regions include the palms, the feet, the underarms, and the head.

Ceaseless sweating can make daily tasks challenging. For example, it can be hard to open a door with a super-slick hand. Not to mention that consistently moist skin may leave you more prone to infections, according to the AAD.

There’s also an emotional tax. Because sweat is so visible to others, people with hyperhidrosis may feel embarrassed or self-conscious on a regular basis. Mental health disorders including anxiety and depression are more common among people with hyperhidrosis compared with the general population, according to the International Hyperhidrosis Society.

Fortunately, treatment options such as extra-strength deodorant, medication, and Botox injections can offer temporary relief, according to the Mayo Clinic. We’d say a little laughter, courtesy of the hyperhidrosis memes below, is also among the best medicines.

TFW Your Seat Stays Dry

No stain? Score! Hyperhidrosis sweat can be intense. For example, sweaty feet and noncarpeted floors can be an accidental slip and fall waiting to happen, says Tsippora Shainhouse, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in Los Angeles. Many people never see a doctor because they’re embarrassed, but diagnosis can prevent some mortifying or downright dangerous moments.

When You’ve Already Got That Dewy Glow

Maybe she’s born with it ... or maybe it’s hyperhidrosis. Try applying baby powder to absorb moisture. It can work well in shoes, but it can also be applied directly to skin with a large powder or makeup brush.

*Reaches for a Dos Equis*

Actually though. You can’t outgrow hyperhidrosis (sigh). But you can explore many treatment options that offer temporary relief.

TFW You Have to Wear a Suit and Tie to the Office

Let’s talk extra-strength antiperspirant. It’s a good place to start with treatment. Over-the-counter products include Certain Dri and Secret Clinical Strength, but doctors can also prescribe something stronger. Typically, prescription antiperspirants are applied before bed and washed off in the morning.

Discovers Easily the Best Hyperhidrosis Hack

Yes, sandals are a good choice for when you want to keep a Noah’s Ark–level flood from forming in your shoes, but they’re not always stylish or functional. In fact, if your feet are a common problem area for you, wearing flip-flops can make for a slippery surface! Pro tip: Apply baby powder to the insides of shoes to absorb moisture.

Me: Make It Rain to Stay Dry

Make it rain with that talc-free baby powder! Also try clothing that wicks away moisture, like Nike’s super-stylish Dri-FIT Vapor polo or these copper infused socks at Walmart — the copper may help control odor and boost circulation. Colored fabrics can hide sweat stains, too.

*Channels Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids*

We feel ya, Kristen. On the upside, sometimes health insurance companies will cover or reimburse the cost of Botox for medical treatment, so check your plan first before paying out of pocket.

See: My Plans Every Weekend This Summer

If you want to be a party animal year-round — and on dry land — but are skeptical about Botox and medication, there are some home remedies worth trying. Herbal supplements like sage, chamomile, and St. John’s wort are said to be effective, but there’s little research confirming this, according to the International Hyperhidrosis Society. Plus, herbal supplements may interfere with medications, so be sure to check with your doctor before adding these to your diet.

Considers the Old Chicken-or-Egg Debacle

Sometimes people have been living with hyperhidrosis and anxiety so long that they start to be one and the same. Enter your doctor. There are a slew of medications available, but among them are antidepressants. According to the Mayo Clinic,they can be used to treat both the chicken and egg — er, we mean both the anxiety and the sweating.

*Puts ‘Part of Your World’ From The Little Mermaid on Repeat*

You are more than your hyperhidrosis, and this condition doesn’t have to control your life. At-home remedies and the doctor’s office are a great place to start to put the condition’s sweaty side effects in the rearview, but always love yourself, with or without the excess sweat.

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