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Meghan McCain Compares Guy Who Confronted Tucker Carlson to Scalises Shooter: Incredibly Dangerous

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

Any rationalization that this is normal and should be accepted in the United States of America is not only indecent, but its beyond the pale of any expectation, she exclaimed.

Justin Baragona

Media Reporter

ishonest No.171 - Pre-Sun Exposure

No.171 - Pre-Sun Exposure

The Views Meghan McCain on Monday dramatically denounced a Montana man who confronted Fox News star Tucker Carlson at a sporting goods store, describing the local fly-fishing guides actions as incredibly dangerous and comparing him to the congressional baseball shooter.

During the brief conversation, Carlson at one point puts his hand on Baileys chest as the man seemingly chastised the conservative media star for his vaccine-skeptical and racially inflammatory commentary. After Carlson realizes someone is filming him, he breaks out into a wide grin before calling Bailey son and walking away.

During Mondays broadcast of The View, the entire panel appeared to express discomfort while somewhat condemning Baileys actions. Liberal co-host Joy Behar said she was against public confrontations and Sunny Hostin stated that Carlson should be safe from being accosted or being confronted.

At the same time, they both rationalized Baileys behavior, with Behar noting he was very, very nice about it and Hostin referencing Carlsons own advocacy for public confrontations.

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This year Tucker Carlson told his audience to harass people who wear face masks outside, Hostin noted. He also said that members of the public should report parents to police and child services if they see children wearing masks as they play.

McCain, however, worried that Baileys confrontation with Carlson would open the door to her and her fellow View hosts getting accosted in public.

As incendiary as many people find Tucker Carlson, they find the women on this show equally incendiary, for different reasons, she said. So if it's OK and to be expected, maybe there's an expectation that wherever we go, it's OK for people to come up to us and scream things and say things.

She also took issue with Behar calling Bailey polite, describing the Montana man as a total jackass and incredibly rude before arguing that Bailey should be viewed on the same level as the man who shot a GOP congressman in 2017.

ishonest No.363 - Acne Scars

No.363 - Acne Scars

Were living in a time when people like Steve Scalise are being shot and wounded to the point where we dont know if hes literally going to survive and now he has to walk with a cane because people arent in control of themselves and arent in control of their mental health and they want to take out their aggression on public figures, she exclaimed. It is incredibly dangerous.

After reiterating that people see the hosts of The View as being as controversial as Carlson while worrying about a slippery slope, McCain brought up the protest that occurred outside Carlsons home in 2018, adding that Carlsons wife barricaded herself in her home in their pantry and called the police because so many protesters were outside their home here in Washington, D.C. trying to accost them. (Police and media reports at the time questioned the veracity of Carlsons description of the protest.)

Any rationalization that this is normal and should be accepted in the United States of America is not only indecent, but its beyond the pale of any expectation of any kind of decorum in a society like the United States of America, she concluded. And anyone that tries to rationalize it is gross, and that man should apologize to Tucker Carlson.

A Fox News spokesperson, meanwhile, reacted to Baileys confrontation with the following statement: Ambushing Tucker Carlson while he is in a store with his family is totally inexcusableno public figure should be accosted regardless of their political persuasion or beliefs simply due to the intolerance of another point of view.

Critics, however, have pointed out that Fox News response seems a tad hypocritical not only due to Carlson urging his viewers to accost others in public but also because others on the network are no strangers to ambushing and blindsiding people with a camera in tow.

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