Look Book Goes to The Bloomingdales Beauty Department

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

Are some makeup artists overly pushy? I mean, yes. We call them “pullers.” They’re the ones who force a spritz of perfume on you or try to corral you into their chair. It’s an industry term.A few of the department stores have cracked down on pullers lately because it’s just not the thing anymore. Bergdorf’s absolutely does not allow pullers. Saks doesn’t do that. Bloomingdale’s doesn’t do that. It’s just not cute, and it’s not classy. When you’re walking to the elevator and someone pops out of the walls to hand you a cream sample — like, it scares you sometimes.

So what’s your style? I’m an artist first, then a salesperson. So if my artist eye does not like a product, my seller eye will immediately back off from that particular product. You need your client to trust you. Mine really do. Some of my longtime clients trust me so much that they’ll nod off when I’m literally all up in their lips and eyeballs, literally inches from their face. I’m like, “We’re almost done, girl. Hold on.”

Do you have a beauty icon? Yes, easy, since I was a teen: Mario, who does Kim K.’s makeup. His classes are to die for; he is a god. I take notes when I watch his videos.

What’s the most bizarre thing that has happened at work? Once, this guy came in in a kimono and panties and nothing else and started grabbing up all the glitter.

How long have you been here? A long time. In the late ’80s, I met Estée Lauder herself. She came in wearing a mint-green suit and a matching hat and gloves and shook everyone’s hand and gave out bottles of Beautiful. That was very nice.

Have you always loved skin care? I used to have bad skin. My brother is nine years older, and through him, I saw what I could turn out like. It was not a great look. So I got into skin care.

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