Lily Aldridge Uses This Eyeshadow to Create a "Sneaky Contour"

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"My first must-have is Instant Look in a Palette by Charlotte Tilbury. This color is Stone Rose Beauty. I travel so much and don't like to check my luggage— I don't like to have tons and tons of makeup with me. This is great because it's an all-in-one. I never follow the rules (like, it says eye, face, highlight), but you can kind of mix and match to make it your own. The face bronzer, I love using that as an eyeshadow and bronzer, so you get a really pretty, glowy natural look. Also, the eye smoke—this color is really good for a sneaky contour around your lips. You can't be scared of makeup or scared to do whatever you want."

"These RMS Coconut Wipes are amazing if you are lazy at night, like me. Since it's coconut oil, you can leave it on and sleep in it and your skin is really supple and nice [in the morning]. I love how compact it is, I love that I can throw a few in my purse or my suitcase and takes everything off."

ishonest No.222 - Fine Lines & Wrinkles

No.222 - Fine Lines & Wrinkles

"I have these all over my house—in every purse, in my car, and in my daughter's backpack. The packaging is all really sustainable and biodegradable and the lip balm itself is amazing. It just keeps my lips really hydrated. I use it on my cuticles a lot too, and I use it around my eyes when I'm flying."

"Anything that says 'dewy'—I'm sold. That's what I live for on my skin, for it to be dewy and glowing. I love it when I'm traveling to make myself feel fresh again. When I'm shooting and I have lots of makeup on, you just spray your face. It kind of makes everything look fresh and alive again, it resets everything."

"I think fragrance is so important. This is Summit by me and it's just a really nice, cozy, wintery scent. It's gender-free—it's for everybody. I wanted to create something that me and my husband can wear (and, you know, my daughter loves it too). So, it's like a whole family fragrance. It's leather, tobacco, and cardamom. It's based on my trip to the Smoky Mountains—with my family in front of the fireplace, drinking a glass of wine. It evokes sent memories for me. It's like being really cozy and comfortable."

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