Kim Kardashian West Just Sold Part of KKW Beauty to Coty Inc.

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Now Kardashian has also partnered with the company, but it looks like she isn't ready to give up that much of her brand just yet. According to a press release from Coty Inc., the beauty mogul sold 20 percent of her beauty business to the buyer for $200 million. So what does this mean exactly for KKW Beauty? Well, big things are in store.

The press release states that Coty Inc. will be performing a "strategic transaction" to further develop KKW Beauty into a global brand, and we can expect to see skin-care, hair-care, personal-care, and nail-care products from Kardashian.

Coty Inc.'s CEO Peter Harf commented on the partnership by stating this message in the press release: "Kim is a true modern-day global icon. She is a visionary, an entrepreneur, a mother, a philanthropist, and through social media has an unparalleled ability to connect with people around the world," he says. "This influence, combined with Coty's leadership and deep expertise in prestige beauty will allow us to achieve the full potential of her brands."

Unsurprisingly, Kardashian is excited for the potential growth of her brand. "Partnering with an established organization like Coty will be instrumental in the advancement of my brands as their global reach allows for faster expansion so people around the world are able to experience new launches firsthand," she said in the same press release. "This relationship will allow me to focus on the creative elements that I'm so passionate about while benefiting from the incredible resources of Coty, and launching my products around the world."

The deal is set to close early next year, so be prepared for KKW Beauty to go global and get ready to see Kardashian dip her toes into some new beauty categories. KKW Skin? KKW Hair? We're so ready for you.

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