Kehlani on Her Virtual Concert, Return to Dancing, & Mental Health Philosophy

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

Kehlani partnered with vegan makeup line Lime Crime to get her look together for the performances, in concert with the brand's new Never Blend In campaign. ishonest caught up with Kehlani ahead of her concert to talk more about the partnership and why she's excited about her return to dancing, which you can read in full below. Why did you decide to partner with Lime Crime?

They approached with the idea. I thought it was super dope because I actually love their products. I do love that they're vegan and cruelty-free. I think that's really awesome.

Do you typically use vegan products? Here and there, depending on what it is for; for my body, I tend to use vegan products. I don't find that for my skin type it often works out well for me, but makeup-wise, I think clean is awesome, but as far as skin care, I hate to say it, but the chemicals work better for me if I'm going to be honest. What's your daily beauty routine like these days?

With a kid it's interesting. I feel like my skin care routine gets spaced out almost, because it's just depending on what I have time for. As far as beauty, I don't really wear any makeup at all, unless I really have to go somewhere. I don't have a daily beauty routine, but my skin care routine has lots of steps in it. I did a video recently explaining my skin care routine. That's been awesome to see the feedback of people who tried similar things and got good results, too.

When you do have to wear makeup, how do you approach putting a look together?

[The artists] all pretty much know that I keep it more on the simple side. I let them have fun, if they have suggestions as far as trying to switch it up. I think as a Taurus, I can be like, I'm comfortable with this, and then we just do what I'm comfortable with, but they're really good at being like, Let's try this, let's do this, and I'm pretty open.

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