Katy Perry's Neon-Orange Hair Perfectly Matches Her Tangerine Maternity Dress

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Remember The Flaming Lips' classic song, "She Don't Use Jelly" and its climactic third verse? Allow me to refresh your memory: "I know a girl who reminds me of Cher. She's always changing the color of her hair. She don't use nothing that you buy at the store. She likes her hair to be real orange. She uses tangerines." Turns out, that verse is about Katy Perry.

"🍊 Orange you glad TODAYS THE DAY! 🍊," Perry wrote in the caption of her multi-picture post, referring to her performance the Tomorrowland Around the World digital festival. In the photos, she's seen wearing shoulder-length wavy hair, half of which is up in three little topknots. The shade of her hair almost perfectly matches the maternity dress she's wearing: an orange frock with white polka dots and a feathery purple hem.

Perry's makeup picks up on the dress colors, too: Her lips are a vivid coral color and her eye shadow is a vibrant lavender that covers her entire lid.

"THIS LOOK IS IMMACULATE," one commenter wrote. Another of many who approve of the new shade wrote, "I loveeeee the orange 🧡 my fave color."

There's a good chance Perry didn't, as the Flaming Lips sang, use tangerines to create this look — nor is it likely she used dye. The singer loves to switch things up with wigs, which is especially understandable during pregnancy, when many people choose to avoid color-treating their hair. But we hope she'll consider sticking to the vibrant look — or at least returning to it down the line — because her fans are loving it.

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