Jumpstarting An Exercise Routine During The Pandemic

The Pandemic Stopped Me in My Tracks

Staying active, though, became unexpectedly difficult. Wanting to avoid people on the walking paths or park for fear I might be exposed to the coronavirus kept me indoors. Then seasonal allergies caused my asthma to flare. My anxiety over triggering an asthma attack also kept my running shoes on the shoe rack in the garage.

My Exercise Action Steps

A big hindrance to following through with a new exercise routine is unrealistic expectations. I would like to pick up where I left off, but that probably isn’t going to happen. I’m not in the same shape I was at the end of last year; I’ve lost conditioning. If my workouts are too strenuous, I could injure myself or set myself back.

So, before I start a new fitness regimen, I want to have a discussion about it with my healthcare providers this coming month. I need to make an appointment for my annual check-up with my primary care physician soon. I also have telehealth appointments scheduled with my dermatologist and allergist in the coming weeks. Thankfully, my new asthma controller is working well and seasonal allergies are less of an issue for me in the summer. I look forward to discussing my plan to start running again with my allergist and check-in with my dermatologist about my recent blood lab results.

In the meantime, I’ll start with shorter walks in the cool of the evening. The park across the street from my house has a half-mile loop, which couldn’t be more convenient. The later I go, the fewer people I encounter.

I do like exercising alone, but I enjoy exercising with a partner even better. Sometimes my wife, Lori, and I will walk in silence as we think and meditate to ourselves. Other times we catch up on the day or discuss an important topic related to family or work. Time passes quickly.

I’m looking forward to PsO Virtual Active day. It’s only one day, but it will mark my return to regular physical activity.

Now if I could only find that pogo stick in the back of my garage.

You can read more about my experiences in my blog for ishonest and on my website.

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