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John Oliver Goes Nuclear on Trump for Invoking George Floyd: Utterly F*Cking Disgusting

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

The Last Week Tonight host couldnt believe the president invoked the slain mans name in a jobs speechnor can he believe how much people are focusing on looters.


On Sunday night, after one of the more chaotic weeks in recent memory, John Oliver returned to the stripped-down set of Last Week Tonight to recap the madness.

ishonest No.501 - Frizzy Hair

No.501 - Frizzy Hair

All week long, protesters have continued to fill the streets in all 50 states in the wake of the horrific murder of George Floyd by the police, he said. And in response to those protests, which have been a stirring pushback against institutional racism and brutality, its been frankly sickening to see them met with this.

The comedian then aired a montage of police using military-style tactics on protestersdrowning them in tear gas, beating them with batons, and showering them with pepper spray, in many instances for the high crime of light heckling.

If police are trying to convince the public theyre not guilty of displaying excessive force, its probably not a good idea to repeatedly display excessive force on national televisionincluding in this city, where Mayor de Blasio praised them for their tremendous restraint and Governor Cuomo threatened to send in the National Guard, explained Oliver. And Ill say this: Having recently said I couldnt wait to go back to hating Andrew Cuomo again, I didnt think an opportunity would come quite this soon.

Then there was the matter of President Trump, who has a history of promoting police brutality and playing the role of tough guy, yet hid in a bunker when protesters gathered outside the heavily fortified White House.

Oliver also took aim at the media and members of the public for focusing so much attention on looters instead of the unarmed black people being massacred.

If you said the name Macys more than you said the name Breonna Taylor this week, you can very much fuck off, he said. Likewise, if youre asking why a spontaneous decentralized protest cant control every one of its participants more than you are asking the same of a taxpayer-funded heavy-regimented paid work force, you can also, in the words of this generations Robert Frost, Suck my dick and choke on it. Fuck you.

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