Jennifer Lopez Wears Too Many Cute Hairstyles to Count in Her New Movie

In Marry Me, Lopez plays a Kat Valdez, a pop star — stretch, I know — who's about to marry her music-superstar fiancé in front of a global audience; however, when she realizes he cheated on her, she decides instead to marry a random dude in the audience, played by Owen Wilson. Realistic? Probably not. But neither is the amazing suite of hairstyles that follow Lopez through this movie — at least not for mere mortals.

In the teaser Lopez posted earlier this week, we see her character wearing at least six different hair looks, all of which we could definitely picture her sporting as herself in real life. First, there's the pageboy hair over a low ponytail that's so loose, shoulder-length strands don't make it into the elastic. And it seems loose pieces under accessories are a theme in Marry Me, because we also see Lopez wearing a middle-parted style with tendrils framing her face under a sparkling veil.

Two of the best looks we get a peek at are actually two of the most attainable: a half-up style with a low yet tight mini pony, and a regular, sleek-but-not- too-sleek mid-height ponytail with plenty of soft baby hairs along her hairline.

We also get a glance at two red-carpet looks that truly seem like something Lopez herself would wear to an award show or premiere. First, there's a low, intricately braided bun. And then we see a high, straight ponytail that looks straight out of the Chris Appleton playbook.

But even though half a dozen hairstyles are plenty for a normal movie, this is a Jennifer Lopez movie we're talking about. One in which she's basically playing herself. There will be more hairstyles. And we can't wait to see every single one.

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