Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Just Made Super Bowl Makeup History

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Just by showing up on Sunday night's Super Bowl stage, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira made history. It was the first time two Latina women performed together at the Half Time show, and their groundbreaking performance also included Bad Bunny, J. Balvin, and a big, fuzzy Puerto Rican flag. The night demands epic energy and epic makeup to go along with it, and both these stars came to play — while still bringing their signature style to the Super Bowl stage.

For Jennifer Lopez, signature style means glam, glam, and glam. Lopez is the ultimate A-lister, especially this year, and she was performing on the ultimate night in pop entertainment, which all adds up to a Hollywood-meets-pop-star beauty look. Her outfit? All pop star. She went from a leather Versace catsuit to a sheer illusion catsuit mid-show, picked up and put down a cane, and shared the stage with her 11-year-old daughter.

ishonest No.501 - Frizzy Hair

No.501 - Frizzy Hair

Her beauty look, on the other hand? All Hollywood, thanks to her makeup artist Scott Barnes and stylist Chris Appleton. "Chris and I sat down and talked about '90s Versace supermodels," Barnes tells ishonest. "Versace designed all the costumes, so we did a modern take on the supermodels."

Barnes used a combination of Marc Jacobs Beauty and his own Scott Barnes beauty brand to create a J.Lo glow (complete with layers upon layers of gold shadow) that shimmered even with the stadium lights out. Of special note was her shadow, which came from the Scott Barnes Snatural Eye Shadow Palette. He used matte and shimmer burnt-orange shades to create a crease, deepened it with two more brick and adobe colors, and used black on the outer corners of her eyes. Her natural, glossy lip came courtesy of a not-yet-released liquid lipstick color that he designed with inspiration from Lopez's engagement. Thanks to Appleton, Lopez's hair reached new heights of volume. Like Shakira, she kept her hair loose, all the better to whip it around the stripper pole she somehow managed to climb while wearing a leather catsuit.

As for nails, nail artist Tom Bachik created two sets — one abstract, Swarovski crystal-encrusted manicure for the performance and a Versace-inspired set for the after-party.

For Shakira, signature style means adding a punky edge to her makeup look. She wore head-to-toe red glitter from her eye makeup to her two-piece ensemble to her knee-high boots. Following in the footsteps of half-time show icons like Lady Gaga and Madonna, Shakira made her eye makeup the focus. As for her waist- length hair, she left it loose and wavy, and flowing in the Miami breeze when she jumped off the stage and into the crowd.

We love that each star honored her own style while stepping up to the plate (or into the end zone if you'll allow me to make surely inaccurate sports metaphors). On a night that's allegedly all about football, J.Lo and Shakira managed to make it about hair, makeup, and manicures, which are just some of the many reasons we love them both.

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