Is This New Clean Hair Brand The Answer to Taming Frizz?

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Brooke Marine, Associate Digital Editor

My hair is very curly; I'd say about a 3C curl pattern.

I deal with the usual curly hair frustrationsfrizz, tangles, etc. My hair is also really thick so I am always looking to give my curls as much definition as possible so that everything looks and feels healthy. I make sure I properly condition my hairwithout over conditioning, which is something I am generally trying to manage. I want the curls to be defined and bouncy but I don't want too much product buildup! I also like to do the occasional hair mask and add jojoba oil to my scalp.

I am a Pattern Beauty convertthe shampoo, conditioner and gel have all been game-changers for me (and so has the shower brush, to be honest). It's one of the few brands of curly hair shampoo and conditioning products that have worked for me lately.

The scalp massager is incredibly invigorating and I'll definitely be using it to scrub my scalp every time I'm in the showerfor all eternity. With the scalp oil, I would use that about twice a week. At first, I tried putting it on 15 minutes before I showered and washed my hair, but I found that oiling up my scalp at night, then washing it all out the following morning worked better. My hair felt healthy and smelled good after using the scalp oil, though not entirely sure whether it reduced frizz. The curl activator, however, was really useful for definition and keeping things bouncy. I used that on my hair after shampooing and conditioning and then let everything air dry.

Yes, I'd use this again. It smells really nice and gave my curls a good amount of definition and shine. I'd be interested to try out a shampoo or conditioner, too, if the brand starts making them.

Andrea Whittle, Features Editor

Wavy-curly and fine, dry at the ends, and occasionally oily at the roots.

I experience the occasional bout of frizz or limpness, static in the winter, sun- and salt-related dryness in the summer. So I tend to avoid heat styling, and use the occasional clarifying shampoolike Moroccanoil or Klorane shampoo, or L'Huile de Leonor Greyl as a pre-shampoo treatment (mostly in the summer) paired with a rich conditioner, and Kerastase Oleo-Relax serum on the lengths. I also just started taking the Moon Juice hair vitaminsunclear whether they're doing anything yet, but hoping to regain some of the thickness I feel like I've lost over the past year.

I love pretty much everything about them, from the cheerful packaging to the light, non-greasy consistency. I've been applying a few droppers full of the Aceite de Moska every few days, (usually before I work out so that it has a bit more time to absorb before I shampoo) and my hair has been noticeably glossier and bouncier latelyeven on the dryest, most static-y days, it looks fresh instead of fluffy. I was a little bit wary of the curl activator, because most styling products tend to leave me feeling sticky and weighed down, but it's super lightweight and moisturizing, almost like a diet leave-in conditioner. I can't say my waves looked any more defined than that usually do, but they felt taken care of. The one thing that didn't quite do it for me is the Tratamiento de Damianathe tropical scent works nicely in a hair treatment, but it's a little too cloying for me to use as an aromatherapy roller on my skin.

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