Introducing The XL Body Acne Patch We've All Been Waiting For

And it's customizable.

Sebum oil, hormonal fluctuations, hair products, and sweating can all be causes of acne on both the face and the body. Although many products on the market prevent and treat acne on the typical face areas (cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin), unfortunately, solutions for breakouts on the body are more limited, despite the condition affecting more people every year. Backne, chestne (and the latest: maskne) have become only more prevalent in the past decade.

Thankfully, Rael has created the breakout product we've all been waiting for: patches for body acne. The brand recently added a new XL offering to their hero line of miracle patches, and it's supersized for large surface areas like your body, clustered flare-ups, and other hot zones in mind.

The new Miracle Patch XL Spot Control Cover ($12) is 45mm x 70mm, making it the largest acne patch offered by the company. Below, learn more about the inspiration, the formula, and how the patch works from Rael Founder Yanghee Paik.

Rael Miracle Patch XL Spot Control Cover

Best for: Body acne and large breakout clusters.

Price: $29

Product Claims: Dermatologist tested, safe for all skin types.

How It Works: The patch uses hydrocolloid technology to gently extract pus and oil out of your skin while protecting against germs to promote healing.

What's Included: Six customizable XL 45mm x 70mm Hydrocolloid patches.

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The Inspiration

Nothing says that acne has to look a certain way. For some, it can appear in groups (making small circular patches less useful). Others struggle with breakouts on their chest, back, and other areas of the body, which is why customizable patches are a skincare necessity for some, while smaller spot treatments are ideal for minor flare-ups. In short, there's not really a one- size-fits-all solution. That is, until now.

Besides the high volume of requests to create a larger hydrocolloid patch for larger surfaces, the brand wanted its XL patch to help contain body acne, more extensive breakouts, and pimple clusters. "Acne varies so much from person to person," Paik says before adding, "ultimately, we wanted to create an acne patch that could be easily customized for whatever acne emergency you're facing, including both the body and face."

The patch can also be cut to suit different breakout shapes and other acne requirements, so it truly offers as much—or as little—coverage as you need.

The Formula

The extra-large patches are made of hydrocolloid dressing, which gently draws out pus and oil while providing a protective barrier from germs and bacteria. The goal? Acne healing. "Hydrocolloid is an occlusive, waterproof dressing that works well to protect wounds and accelerate healing," Paik explains about the formula.

More good news: the medical-grade hydrocolloid dressing is suitable for all skin types and remains pregnancy safe. Rael also recommends leaving the patches on for a minimum of four to eight hours to help flatten acne.

The Review

I've come to find pimple patches quite useful over that last year, especially after experiencing maskne (acne caused by wearing protective masks). I recently had a moment with body acne on my arm, and instead of picking at it, I turned to the Rael patches. I personally enjoyed how I was able to size down the patch to cover my blemishes while also allowing it time to heal.

The end result? The pimple was significantly less swollen after wearing the patch. And I count that as a breakout victory.

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