Iconic MUA Sandy Linter Reveals Her Secret to Smudge-Free Eye Makeup

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

"This is prep and Prime by Mac and it's meant for the eyelid. Recently, I would look myself in the mirror and see black smudging under my own eyes, and thing, well that doesn't work. It took me a while to figure out that my base for my liner and shadow and eye makeup was too oily for my lid. So the prep and prime by Mac dries up the oil just enough, not too much, and it gives a perfect base for shadows, eyeliner, and mascara."

"My next product is Kiss lashes. These are sensational, I'm wearing them today —I don't know if you can tell. They come in different lengths: extra short, short, medium, and long (but I never use long). With medium, you start on the outer corner of your eye, and then the next little section would be short, and the inner corner of your eye would be extra short. They stay on very very well— I have a client who leaves them on for five days. I don't advise that, but they work."

"The next product I brought with me is the Beautyblender. I use it personally on myself because I'm so lazy when it comes to applying my own makeup. This makes it a little bit more fun. I just put a little foundation on the back of my hand and and it blends the foundation effortlessly. I have tried other brands of “Beautyblenders” and they're hard, they're not as soft, and somehow the shape of this little egg makes it work."

"The reason I chose this is because it has a nice slip. I don't use the exact shade of my skin tone—I’m very very fair, so, I need a little bit of warmth. Instead of using number five, which I am, I jumped to number seven."

"I use La Mer Micellar Water because I have very dry eyes, but I love wearing eye makeup. I used to wake up with smudges under my eyes from makeup residue, even when I thought I had removed it all with makeup wipe. When I use La Mer Micellar Water, my eyes feel fresh, refreshed, and clean, so it's worth it."

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