Huda Kattan Launched Her First Skincare ProductAnd I Have Thoughts

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While Kattan has no problem admitting her affinity for a full face, she's also wildly unedited when it comes to personal and universal issues in beauty. Previous to the launch of Wishful, Kattan revealed her own issues with female balding as a result of PCOS, a common hormone disorder, which causes excess androgen activity. This all goes to say she's doing right by her community of followers, in that she's open and honest about everything she's dealing with. Which brings me back to Wishful.

The Backstory

See, for over a decade, Kattan has had access to experts, innovative technologies, and industry leaders in the world of skincare. And because she's had her own skin issues over the years—and engaged with a huge community on her YouTube and blog—Kattan realized what she and her followers needed was underserved. Thus, she did a ton of research and made her own. "I’ve tried hundreds of products, spoken to tons of derms and experts, and tried all kinds of skincare techniques over the years," Kattan explains, "so, I have seen what works for me and what hasn’t." She continues, "Of the 45 million views we have on the Huda Beauty Blog every year, more than 20 percent of the views and comments are for our skincare content. I know from all the feedback I get from my followers that they are looking for solutions to the same skincare concerns as me, so with Wishful, I wanted to create simple but powerful skincare products that visibly work."

The Products

Because she's not only an entrepreneur, but one of us too (a beauty lover with a penchant for effective skincare), Kattan made sure you'll get the most out of each product. She's offering detailed application techniques results-driven tricks to ensure you see the results. Kattan is making it easy and we're here for simplicity—because our lives are complicated enough.

The first formula of the bunch is Wishful's Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub, a gommage exfoliating wash brimming with AHAs and BHAs by way of pineapple and papaya enzymes. It's both physical and chemical (a mix of fruit extracts, acids, and soft exfoliants), so you can expect soft, glowing skin. In fact, that's exactly what happened when I tried it myself. The texture is super fine, so no harsh grains, and puffs up as you massage it in to clear out any clogged pores and remove flaky, dead skin. The scent is so nice, mild but lovely, and my skin felt exceedingly fresh post-wash. And, even better, the formula was brought to life in a lab in South Korea—so you know it's innovative. I applied it along my face, neck, and chest before gently buffing and massaging it into my skin. And, that's it. Now my face feels and looks good (dewy, glowing—all the good stuff), and I'm officially a Wishful believer. Join me, won't you?

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