How to Get The Sleekest Blowout At Home, According to Hair Experts

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All joking aside, as we gear up for a post-pandemic lifestyle, leaving the house becomes more and more of a reality. You'll find that some days, you cannot manage it all and there is absolutely no time to squeeze in your weekly (or bi- weekly, if you're a hair diva,) blowout appointment. We've consulted with top hairstylists renowned for their signature blowouts for the very best tips on how to get a gorgeous, frizz-free, blowout at home.

Alex Brown

When she's not being flown across the country to tend to the locks of the Kardashians, Brown is busy giving some of the smoothest blowouts and cuts to her clients at home base in Chicago. The tools and products that you use at home are the most important elements to taming a frizzy blowout, she says. The proper brush for smoothing and the right products are extremely important because it's the very start to achieving a frizz-free look. It will help with how long it takes to dry and how the final style will look overall. Make it easier on yourself wherever you can! My absolute favorite brush to use for achieving a smooth blowout is the Ibiza B5 round brush. It has tons of natural bristles which give you great tension and a super smooth finish. In terms of treatments, I love the K18 hair maskit's wonderful for reversing effects on damaged hair. This is great for those who bleach their hair and use a lot of heat.

Ted Gibson

Three factors you should never overlook when you're blowing out hair and looking for professional results: a high-quality brush, a multi-functional professional blow dryer and a high-quality weekly hair mask to restore moisture after all of the heat damage, says Los Angeles-based stylist Gibson, whose clients include Lupita Nygong'o, Jessica Chastain, Janelle Mone, and Sandra Oh. When prepping, first, I like to get hair 80 percent dry before I start blowing it out. Always use a heat protectant. I prefer Shooting Star Texture Meringue, (one I created) specifically as a pre-step to blow out hair.

That said, I can't underestimate how important a good brush is in this process if you are going to blow out your own hair. Use a quality brush. Mason Pearson's Popular Mixture brush is great for scalp love and for waves when blowing out. Also, I find that YS Park's dual bristle round brush gives visible smoothness and detangling at the same time. I rely on the Elchim blow dryer to help give my clients really silky hair. I do about seven to 10 blow dries a day, so I need something high quality that lasts forever and delivers smoothnessthis does it for me. Lastly, do a weekly (or more) hair maskI often use Goldwell's Kerasilk Intensive Smoothing Mask. Make sure you use a cold rinse after you maskvery important to seal in your conditioning elements!

Adam Campbell

Make sure to always squeeze extra water out of your hair into a towel before starting to dry. Getting excess water out before blow drying reduces the time that heat is being used on your hair, says L.A. hair guru Campbell, who works with Angelina Jolie, Liv Tyler, and Natalie Portman. And always use a product that has heat protection in it.

I start the application of product from underneathnear the nape of the neck and work my way up to the top and front (you should always start with less product and then add more if you need more). I comb the product through the hair with a wide tooth comb from Mason Pearson, so the hair has even product distribution. I then make sure to section the hair. I start blow-drying the area that has the most frizz, or the strongest curl, or where someone's cowlicks are. Once the hair starts to air dry in those places, it's much harder to smooth them out. Always work in sections, using a clip to keep the other hair out of your way; using sections allows more control and will allow the hair to dry in those sections faster, reducing the amount of passes you need to do with the blow dryer. I try to get the roots dry before working on the ends. I finish the blow dry by holding the cold blast button for about 1-2 min to seal in the style and add extra shine.

My favorite brushes (which are really important for the best look) are from the brand Ibiza. I find that natural boar bristles are gentler on the hair, which reduces tangling and breakage. I always use the EX3 55mm to smooth hairlines. If I want the blow dry to be more on the bouncy-curly side, I'll use it for the whole head. If I want more of a straighter finish for the style, I use the EX4 65mm, which is also great if you want more volume on the crown. I always use the Harry Josh Pro tools blow dryerit's awesome because it has a switch that turns the ionic function on or off. I like it turned on when I want to create a sleeker look or on styling frizzy hair; I like it turned off when I want to get more body into the style or if I'm working on finer hair. Many clients who aren't so adept at holding a brush and a blow dryer at the same time are using the Dry Bar blow dryer brush, which is an all-in-one solution.

My go-to products for a sleek blow dry are a conditioning maskI have been using the Harklinikken Hydrating Mask lately on clients, and it's very hydrating and nourishing without feeling heavy or sticky afterward. My favorite product when doing blowouts is the Milbon thickening spray. I use it at the roots and sometimes through the ends on damp hair before the blow dry.

Tarsha Marshall

One of the most important factors to consider when you are blowing out your hair is addressing the texture, says New York-based hair expert Marshall, who has worked with Mariah Carey and Brooke Shields. The right brush is very important in this instance. Ceramic and boar bristle brushes are great for a smooth blowout. Ceramic heats up and smooths the hair shaft, which is great for hair with a lot of texture. Boar bristles are great with smoothing out curly hair and fine hair because of the grip it has on your hair during the blow dry. When blow drying, make sure you keep the blow dry nozzle pointed downwards so hair follicles are smoothed out. This will also keep hair looking shiny.

As far as blow dryers go, there are many factors in choosing the correct dryer. It depends on how you like the dryer to feel and what you are most comfortable with when blow drying your hair. The ceramic and ionic dryers are the rave now because of how they distribute heat and eliminate static. Twin turbo and Parlux are my favorites because they are both smaller in size and have powerful motors which perform extremely well.

When it comes to products, I'm not a junkiebut I do have my go-to's that can complete any style: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, which builds volume and texture; Oribe Superfine Spray, which leaves your hair flexible, not stiff; Biosilk silk therapy, and Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil.

Andy LeCompte

Always start with clean, hydrated hair, advises LeCompte, who heads up Andy LeCompte Salon in West Hollywood, where he has worked with Madonna and Penelope Cruz. The right shampoo and conditioner will make a huge difference. Hydration is essential for healthy hair and a gorgeous blowout. If your hair is curly or thick, I recommend the Milbon smoothing shampoo and conditioner and Inphenom hair mask, especially if your hair is dry. If you have fine hair, Iles Formula is exceptional.

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