How to Do Euphoria Makeup for Halloween, According to The Shows Makeup Artist

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Plenty of shows set the tone for fashion trends, but few have become so celebrated for its makeup that it inspires a whole new genrelike Euphoria makeup. That's exactly what the hit HBO show did with its inventive use of glitter and artful takes on eyeliner. Instantly Euphoria makeup was all anyone could talk about.

But as much as we'd love for cloud eyeliner or glitter tears to be part of our day-to-day, they're not really the most practicalunless, of course, you're talking about Halloween. Every year there's a Halloween costume that promises to be both topical and easy to execute, and for 2021, that's without a doubt Euphoria makeup, even two years after the first season premiered. Not only can you wear something already in your closet (unless you're going for Kat's cam girl glow-up, in which case, amazing), but most of the makeup you need is just one Amazon Prime order away.

The other great thing about dressing up like a Euphoria character for Halloween is that there isn't one single makeup look that's better than the rest. They're all fantastic, and every character has more than a handful to choose fromwhich, admittedly, can also make it difficult, so we asked the show's head makeup artist, Doniella Davy, to break down how she created each of her favorite looks.

Rue's Glitter Tears

Because Rue (played by Zendaya) is in a perpetual state of anguish, Davy wanted her Euphoria makeup to feel melancholy even if it was colorful. In the end it all came down to placement. I tried to keep it weighted mostly under her eyes, which is where tears would fall, says Davy. As for the seminal star sticker, On a whim I placed a small star on her cheekbone in the first episode, and it became a theme that I circled back to for her look in the final episode. I didn't realize at the time, but the Labrinth song that plays during Rue's final scene in that episode has the lyrics, I'll do 25 to life, if it makes me a king a star in your eyes.'

In order to make the glitter tears last all day or night, Davy recommends one of her all-time favorite glitter products, Revlon's Photo Ready Eye Art. Davy swears by it because the glitter goes on like liquid eyeliner with a built-in thick brush. Once it dries, it doesn't move. And when it comes to application, she recommends not stressing too much: Rue's looks are not about perfection. They are pure moody expression.

To add depth and contrast, Davy says to line your lower waterline with black liner and take the liner a little outside your lash line, then finish with loads of mascara.

Cassie's Allover Jewels

Cassie's (Sydney Sweeney) jeweled face was designed to interplay with one of the show's heavier scenes, in which her character gets an abortion. While the anesthesia settles, she has a dream of herself skating on an ice rink. I wanted her makeup to look and feel like the opposite of the trauma she was going through, Davys says. It had to be highly visible, as Cassie would be spinning on the ice, and it had to match her ice-skating costume and be appropriate for a figure-skating moment. This scene is so emotional, but the makeup is so uplifting and self-celebrating.

The key to this look is gems straight from Amazon. Davy used a variety of colors and sizes but did not layer gems on her actual eyelids because of how uncomfortable that would be. Any eye shadow layered on top of an eye shadow base would work great as a colorful backdrop to the gems, Davy says. She secured the gem with eyelash glue but warns you'll definitely need a combination of makeup wipes and an oil-based cleanser to get everything off.

Maddy's Version of Goth

Maddy's (Alexa Demie) winter-formal look was originally meant to be Ice Queen but slowly morphed into something more goth with a '90s supermodel vibe, complete with rhinestones from head to toe. The inspiration from this look actually came from Demie, and a fashion reference of a model wearing similar eye makeup. At first it didn't feel very Euphoria to Davy, but she thought it would work well with Maddy's outfit. I tied the look back into the show by having my Euphoria makeup assistant, Kirsten Coleman, add tiny floating rhinestones into the black eye shadow, Davy says.

The key to nailing the look, though, is definitely all about the eye shadow. The darker shadow is matte, while the lighter shadow on the majority of the eyelid is shimmery, she says. To get the unblended effect, Davy suggests using a flat concealer brush. The show's hairstylist, Melanie Smith, also put a line of gems in Maddy's hair part, which, in Davy's opinion, pulled the whole look together.

It made sense to go in this darker direction with Maddy for the final episode because her character had been through her own personal hell at this point, which then resulted in this apprehensive moment of Maddy and Nate getting back together, says Davy.

Jules's Colorful Liner

Jules's (Hunter Schafer) makeup is always colorful with lots of eyeliner worn in unexpected places. Davy wanted her looks to be playful, carefree, and universal in terms of gendernot super feminine. The idea behind these looks is that they take only 5 to 10 minutes and are applied to an otherwise fresh and clean face with little to no additional makeup.

To copy the looks, Davy recommends thinking of your eyelids like a canvas. Hunter Schafer, just like her character Jules, is an artist, so I wanted her looks to feel painterly or like tiny drawings, she says. Davy also opted for no mascara for a majority of Jules's looks. I loved sometimes not using mascara on her, which would help keep her looks from feeling too polished or feminine, she adds.

Unlike some of the other characters' looks, which represented what was going on with their character specifically in that moment, Jules's makeup was meant to serve as more of a timeline. I love how Jules's looks go from being lighthearted with pastels and neons to increasingly darker and more moody as the episodes go on, Davy says. Her look takes a quick turn after she goes and visits her friends out of town.

Although the artfulness of these looks can be intimidating, Davy's intention was to encourage any and everyone to try them out. You don't have to be good at makeup for these, she says. It's all about quick placement of color, and it should feel fun and uplifting.

Kat's Nun Halloween Makeup

Kat's (Barbie Ferreira) Halloween costume wasn't your standard nun costume. It's based on the main character from the film Ms. 45, Thana. Davy hadn't seen the film before, but when she heard Kat would be in a nun costume, she felt very strongly that her makeup needed to have sparkly upside-down crosses hanging beneath her eyes. In the film Thana is abused by men and goes on a killing spree. I wanted to convey that anger through her makeup, but also a bit of irony, she says. A nun killing people is ironic! A nun wearing upside-down cross makeup is also ironic.

In order to achieve a sharp line for the eye shadow, Davy used Scotch tape right where the black fades into the red, which she also blended out a little as it went upward into the crease. Kat's lower lash line was also outlined with red eye shadow, and the crosses were drawn on with a skinny eyeliner brush, black gel eyeliner, and Nyx black glitter liquid eyeliner. This same eyeliner was also used to line along her lower lashes, which I had originally lined just with red shadow, which was to be a halo around this black liner, Davy says.

She also used the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil as a lip liner and filled in Kat's lips with Lime Crime matte lipstick in a red shade and layered with Lime Crime gloss in a more orange shade to make the red a bit brighter.

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