Han and Felix of Stray Kids Share Their Complete Nighttime Skin-Care Routines

Spoiler: Members Han and Felix broke down every single step of their nighttime skin-care routines. (You'll have to stay tuned for what Bang Chan, Changbin, I.N, Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Seungmin revealed.)

Before I get into their steps, I'll note the boys couldn't get specific about the exact products they use. Like the majority of K-pop stars I interview, they can't share product names as they don't want to lose out on future endorsement deals. It's a whole thing.

All that aside, Han prefaces the list of what he uses on a nightly basis: "My skin-care routine is fast," he says. First, he washes his face. “I take my lotion and put it on my face," he explains. And lastly, he gets a good night's sleep. That's it.

Felix notes how simple Han is in his approach to skin care before launching into his own much-more-involved routine. Felix kicks off his regimen with double cleansing, starting with an oil cleanser to dissolve his makeup. Then, Felix washes it off with warm water and follows with a cleansing foam. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Double cleansing is the best possible way to remove makeup, so I respect that he takes all the right steps. The Then I Met You Cleansing Duo is my personal go-to for this part of my routine.

After he rinses the cleansing foam with warm water, things get complex. If I had more time with Stray Kids, I would ask Felix for more information about each of the following steps. Here's what he did share in a minute, though: "I put on three kinds of creams."

The first of the trio is an acidic formula that you spray on. I can't think of a product like this that exists in America. It sounds like the Laneige Cream Skin Refiner Mist, which hasn't launched Stateside.

Next, Felix reaches for a cream with brightening and anti-wrinkle benefits. A number of moisturizers fit those criteria, but the SkinRx MadeCera Cream is a good option if you want something similar.

Then comes a lotion that bubbles up when you slather it onto skin. I'm equally stumped and intrigued by this one. It's probably something similar to the Lapthicell Aqua Bubble Tone up Sleeping Mask.

Last, but not least, Felix seals it all in with some spritzes of a mist.

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