Halsey Tells Us Her "Lifesaver" Skin Productand It's Dirt Cheap

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Halsey: For Coachella, one of the things I focus on is natural beauty with a little bit of quirkiness. Being in Indio or Joshua Tree or Palm Springs evokes these alien images. So I do a lot of holographic makeup or glossy makeup. Glossy makeup is great for Coachella because if you get sweaty, it looks like it’s on purpose. A smoky eye is really good because if it starts to smudge, again, it looks like it’s on purpose.

H: A lot of coconut oil, tea tree oil. I love activated charcoal, coffee as an exfoliator—apple cider vinegar is an awesome toner as well. My new lifesaver is such a no-brainer, but I didn’t think of it sooner for some reason: It’s green tea bags for getting rid of redness because I am starting to get stress- activated redness on my face.

H: I love all kinds of makeup products, and I love a lot of high-end makeup products like YSL, Dior, and Givenchy, but I try to keep it as natural as possible because when I am on tour, I wear so much makeup. So when I’m home, I need to give my skin a little bit of a break.

H: My inspiration for Coachella this year was 1990s, early-2000s Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera. It’s a lot of layering, a lot of plaid, a lot of that L.A.M.B.-inspired Harajuku girl. That’s why I have the pearls on now—kind of like the new age Madonna.

H: There’s one that’s really interesting that I love: @uglyworldwide. She has a shaved head and freckles, and she’s got a gap tooth. She’s a beautiful model who’s got such a unique sense of style. She’s modeled for Die Antwoord and tons of high-fashion brands. I like Taylor Elrod—she’s another model with a shaved head. Obviously, I love girls with shaved heads. Rihanna is a no-brainer. And then there’s one that’s Fruits magazine in Japan that showcases street style and Harajuku.

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