Hair Dryer Brushes for Easy Styling and Volume

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When it comes to styling, the best hair dryer brushes marry qualities of a round brush and hair dryer in one streamlined tool. For all hair types, this versatile gadget brings a silky- smooth and frizz-free coiffed blowout, sans salon visit and time wasted. But alas, finding the right one poses its own set of setbacks and considerations, much like scouring for the best hair dryer. Today's best hair dryer brushes target specific textures to deliver tailored results and incorporate unique features, from the type of bristles and heat settings to the barrel design and grip.

With your convenience in mind, we've rounded up the best hair dryer brushes recommended by hair experts, shoppers, and media outlets. We've tested multiple models and assessed the following: features and technology included, ease of use, design elements (construction for example), and how it styles specific hair types. Our curation underscores notable crowd favorites, including the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Dyson Airwrap Complete Hair Styling Set, among others.

How to choose between the best hair dryer brushes

There are several factors to consider when choosing between the best hair dryer brushes. Consider your hair's texture, length, and overall health and then look at aspects like the design, weight and size of the barrel, the bristles and the heat and speed settings.

When looking at the design of the barrel, think about the shape as something round and/or oval will give you the best results for volume, while a straighter brush will work with curly hair a bit better. The diameter is also an important consideration, as a wider barrel will give you more lift and works well with longer hair types, but if you're a short hairstyle person, then you'll want a smaller barrel. Anything lightweight will also make it easier to use longer periods of time, so that's worth thinking about if you have a big mane to tackle. And look out for ceramic or titanium barrels, as they are better at taming frizz and smoothing tresses better than their plastic counterparts. We also love tourmaline barrels and ionic technology, which also help combat frizz. When it comes to bristles, long, widely-spaced bristles are ideal for styling long and thick hair, as they generally glide through coarse locks and penetrate dense strands more efficiently without applying much heat, while brushes with short and fine bristles work better for shorter hairstyles.

The very best hair dryer brushes will have a variety of heat and speed settings so that you can create different styles have more control over your hair, however if you're going for something with a single heat setting then those with finer hair should choose something with a low heat setting, while higher settings are reserved for those with coarse, thick hair. As always, spritz your best heat protectant to shield your precious tresses from heat damage.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush

Reasons to avoid

With over 100,000 reviews on Amazon (yes, you read that correctly), the Revlon One-Step Volumizer is unanimously a top-performing leader in its category, gliding effortlessly through even the toughest of hair textures. By design, this bestseller can be placed close to the scalp and underneath hair, bringing coveted bounce and volume you'd normally see with a salon blowout or by using the best hair dryer for your hair type, which makes it top of our best hair dryer brushes list.

The dryer has an oval shape, which artfully combines the perks of a hair straightening paddle brush and round brush. The flatter side of the brush acts as a straightening paddle for sleekness and eliminates the need for flat iron touchups; the rounded edges function like a round brush to lift and add body. Though bulky and wide, it's quite intuitive and lightweight to hold, enabling greater control over styling.

That being said, it does heat up quickly and intensely. Sure, its power brings benefits (hello, smooth locks!). However, it also may cause heat damage over time, which is a thing to note if you have dryer ends. That's why we recommend applying heat protection while styling as you normally would when using your best hair straighteners.

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