Goody's New Tools for Textured Hair are Nikki Nelms-Approved

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When you're talking about Nikki Nelms and her work, it seems like an understatement to describe her as a hairstylist. Sure, technically, she does style hair, but the sculptural, experimental, and downright dope things she does with all that stuff coming out of your scalp makes hair artist a more appropriate term.

Over the years, Nelms has pushed the limits of our imaginations with not only what hair can do, but what black hair can do, specifically. With her, there's no "I like what it's doing already," spritz the 'Fro with water, and go. She may add a dusting of gold leaf to your cornrows. She could put some wire in your braids and twist them into towering, curling spirals, adding a few doorknocker earrings as flourishes. She might even put googly eyes in your updo.

Tune in if you want to hear how a chance encounter with Lil Wayne started her career, how her imagination led to her becoming a hair MacGyver, and how the talents of black hairstylists have been rarely applauded.

But to create such inspiring work, you've got to have the right tools. It's a plus if those tools aren't super pricey — and it's even better if they're built to withstand the kind of demands an artist of Nelms's caliber is bound to put them through. Goody was obliged to create such tools and have Nelms promote them. The brand's new Total Texture and Planet Goody collections boast the kind of hair-care tools and accessories Nelms relies on to do what she does best: create. Now, when I say this stuff was affordable, I absolutely mean it. The most you'll shell out for a tool is $10, and prices start at a mere $5.

The Total Texture Collection (available at CVS) is a seven-piece range of hair tools that anyone with a curl, coil, or kink would be happy to have sitting atop their dressers. The line includes three different detangling brushes, two detangling combs, and two sets of elastics (one thin and one thick). First up is the Oil Infused Detangler ($10), boasting synthetic and boar-like bristles bathed in mongongo oil to make easy work of getting those snarls out. Nelms likes to use this when she's creating sleeker looks.

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