Fall Hairstyles that Will Be Huge This Season

Autumn is all about change: leaves turn colors, nights become cooler, and long holiday weekends bring new activities and adventures. If all these changes are inspiring you to try a new hairstyle, you've come to the right place.

ishonest spoke to Jennifer Negron, Florida-based stylist and Emera international educator, and Walton Nunez, New York editorial stylist at the Tracey Mattingly Agency, for their take on the biggest hair trends you'll be seeing all season long. There’s something for everyone—regardless of your personal style.

Slick Parts

One fall trend you're probably already seeing is a slicked-down part, Nunez tells ishonest. "I think it's really easy for anyone with a moisture or shine cream and a comb to get this look," he says. "And if you have straight hair, you're ahead of the game."

To do, Nunez advises parting your hair in a place you like that is flattering to your face. Then add a little shine cream, like randco.com/high-dive-moisture-and-shine-creme.html' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer' >R+Co's High Dive Moisture and Shine Crème ($29, randco.com), to keep it in place.

Silky Waves

Negron says that as autumn goes on, the popular sleek blowout look you see will transition into a casual, sexy wave. "I like to just tussle dry the hair or even place my client under a warm dryer so their natural wave sets in instead of using my round brush," he adds.

To achieve the look of natural waves, Negron curls hair using a flat iron rather than a curling iron or wand and adds Marrakesh Wave Sea Salt Spray ($9, amazon.com).

"After I let the curls cool for about 5 minutes, I then run my wide-tooth comb or pick through the curls to break them up, finishing the style by scrunching in Emera serum ($30; emerahaircare.com) for a bit of shine," says Negron.

Natural Curls

Curly girls, you’re in luck. This fall, step away from the hot tools and show off your natural waves. “It's all about going natural this fall,” says Negron. “This is good news for my naturally curly clients. Forget about controlling and taming natural curls...go big or go home."

For creating natural-looking, frizz-free curls, Negron recommends starting with emerahaircare.com/product/emera-nourishing-cbd-detangler/' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer' >Emera’s Detangler ($25; emerahaircare.com), along with Marrakesh Curl ($16; amazon.com).

"Curl Cocktail ($12; amazon.com) with a drop of Emera serum ($30; emerahaircare.com) eliminates frizz and adds shine as the hair is drying," says Negron. "Then it's just simply diffuse, diffuse, and diffuse. The bigger the hair, the better."

Negron recommends finishing off the look with Marrakesh Finite ($22; amazon.com). It's the best flexible hairspray you can use in your curls and still maintain volume and bounce,” she says.

Micro Braids With Gold Highlights

For a high-fashion look that's straight off the runway, Nunez suggests going with microbraids. "I've noticed lots of tiny punk-rock braids," says Nunez. "I feel like this would work well on people who aren't just experimental, but are also crafty. As a kid, everyone had hair wraps, but now they're happening again." Adding gold accents and making them asymmetrical is a fresh way to switch up the classic braided style. she adds.

To get this look, Nunez recommends mr-smith.com.au/product/mousse/' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer' >Mr. Smith's Mousse ($37, mr-smith.com.au) to give braids volume while keeping them locked in place.

Low Buns

Meghan Markle isn't just a fashion influencer: her iconic messy bun is showing up on heads already this season. Negron says it's a shift from the high top-bun look to a low, loose bun at the nape of the neck.

"For this, I like to use Onesta Dry Shampoo ($25; amazon.com) because it gives volume and texture at the root, which gives the hair a more bodied, full look," she says. This full-bodied look not only makes the bun look better, it helps it stay in place longer.

Floral Accents

Flowers aren't just for summer: this season, expect to see floral accents everywhere, says Nunez.

"On the runway this year we've seen a ton of flowers, whether they are small accents or full-on statements, and I think that trend is going to continue over the coming months," he says. "I think that we're in a place in fashion where anything goes, and as long as you're willing to take a risk, you're probably not going to feel like you look ridiculous because we've gone so far over the edge."

It's a very accessible looks that works on any hair type, he adds, and craft stores are a great place to find a fake flower to accessorize with. Nunez recommends adding a bit of randco.com/rockaway-salt-spray.html' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer' >R + Co's Rockaway Salt Spray ($26; randco.com) to add volume, texture, and body.

"Take a risk, put a flower in your hair," he adds.

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