FaceGenius is The New Frontier of Skin-Care Tech Meets E-Commerce

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We first learned about the SkinScanner, a camera cable of skin-imaging at 30 times magnification level, back in 2018. The high-tech skin-care device launched as part of Neutrogena's Skin360 app, which analyzed the data from SkinScanner to provide corresponding Neutrogena skin-care products. At the time, it was a revelation: "I knew right away I was going to need one of these tools," our reporter wrote. Two years later, the SkinScanner is back in our lives and clipped onto our phones, but its product recommendations don't stick to one brand. Meet FaceGenius, a smart retail platform that uses SkinScanner analyses to create custom routines.

"Skin-care is a unique purchase: to know what to buy requires a scientific analysis of the skin," FaceGenius CEO Sergio Rattner tells ishonest. "FaceGenius [makes that possible] with an easy-to-use platform that is accessible to anyone with a smartphone."

Consumers can choose from a Night Plan ($30 per month) and a Morning & Night Plan ($50 per month). The night plan includes full-size versions of cleanser, moisturizer, and two serums intended for evening use; the combination plan includes a mix of a.m. and p.m. products. The products will come from a long list of brands, including Codex Beauty, Chuda, Babor, Good Science Beauty, and more. Each month, you'll get new recommendations. FaceGenius even tracks when products are slated to run out, so it'll send you refills just as you need them.

Asked about data security, Rattner tells ishonest that "the magnified skin images are not personally identifiable [and] are stored separately from any personally identifiable data." He also confirms that FaceGenius does not sell or share data with third parties, so you don't have to worry about close-ups of your pores landing elsewhere on the internet.

Who should try FaceGenius? "Everyone who cares about their skin, and more specifically younger adults who are starting to understand the importance of skin health," says Rattner. "It's also for those with a busy lifestyle, who are time-pressed and always on the go as it makes it easier for them to build a skin-care regimen and stick to it." I haven't gotten my hands on a SkinScanner (yet!) but I, for one, am very curious to see how a FaceGenius routine would compare to my current analog regiment.

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