Every Y2K Beauty Trend to Try This Fall

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The timing is little surprise in our almost post-pandemic culture, with a study last year finding that nostalgia can help to combat feelings of loneliness. With this in mind, the recent throwback of some of the most polarizing '00s beauty trends seems excusable. Maybe we all seek the warmth and comfort of a simpler time when growing back your eyebrows was our biggest issue. However, as with the cyclical nature of trends, each trend has reemerged with a new 2021 twist.

Read on as we look back on where the most popular Y2K beauty trends began, how they're cropping up on social media today, and how you can bring them back into your life this season.

Stretch Comb Headbands Then

The comb-headband was a staple of the early aughts. It was an easy, if headache- inducing way to keep every strand of hair off your face.

Stretch Comb Hairbands Now

Bella Hadid was recently spotted bringing this trend back, styled with some retro sunglasses and pearls.

Thin Eyebrows Then

Arguably one of the worst Y2K trends was pencil-thin eyebrows, plucked into almost non-existence. One of the biggest culprits was pop icon Christina Aguilera, who used to draw hers on.

Visible Lip Liner Then

A trend started by Black women, in the '90s and '00s, visible lip liner was a perfect addition to super glossy lips.

Visible Lip Liner Now

Today, the lip-liner and gloss combo is just as iconic as ever, with darker lip liner used and blended for a more dramatic look.

Blue Eyeshadow Then

If nothing else, early '00s makeup trends were colorful, playful and not overly precise. Bright blue eyeshadow, in particular, had its moment.

Blue Eyeshadow Now

This year, blue eyeshadow is back in pastels. Luckily our blending skills have all improved in the past 20 years.

Two-Tone Hair Then

Starkly contrasted two-tone hair was everywhere you turned, from Nicole Richie and Hilary Duff's black and blonde combo to Fergie's chunky highlights to Eve's blonde and brunette layered look.

Two-Tone Hair Now

Recently, we've seen an uptake in colorful face-framing strands (although chunky highlights are also making a reappearance).

Heavy Blush Then

In the 2000s, our favorite celebrities had an extremely heavy hand with their blush. The brighter the better.

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