Eva Longoria Just Covered Her Grays with a $9 Box Hair Color

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There's no wrong way to handle the gray roots that may be growing in while you're staying safe at home. Letting them be until you can visit your colorist (or indefinitely because you're actually kind of digging them), using a color spray for a temporary fix on video chats, or handling a dye job on your own are all valid choices. At first, Eva Longoria was satisfied using Magic Root Cover Up, which did an incredible job of hiding her grays in mere seconds. But it seems the actor and L'Oréal Paris spokesperson couldn't wait any longer for a more permanent fix.

"I'll be honest. For a second I thought, Okay, grays, I'm ready to see you. I can handle this. But I'm not. I'm not ready. I am not ready for this much gray," Longoria says to the camera from inside her beautiful bathroom. After assuring viewers that this is going to be the best before and after ever, she starts applying the color near her part from back to front. "Just put it where it's needed. Mine is everywhere."

After 30 minutes (which, of course, is fast-forwarded in the under-two-minute clip), Longoria rinses out the color and moves on to the next step. "It's time to condition. This is my favorite part. I love the smell of this conditioner," she says. Once that's rinsed out, she blow-dries her hair, claiming, "I'm not the best blow-dryer," but she did a fantastic job — not just with the DIY blowout, but with the color. Longoria rejoices as she looks at what used to be gray roots and sees only a rich, brunette shade.

"It's a challenging time for everyone right now as we try and juggle all of our responsibilities and the needs of our loved ones, but it’s also important to remember to take care of ourselves," Longoria said in a press release from L'Oréal. "In this commercial, viewers can see how easy it is to get expert results, and the confidence boost they deserve while at home. Self-care is self- worth and now, more than ever, we are all worth it."

L'Oréal Paris Excellence Crème is available in a wide variety of natural-looking colors. You can get your own perfect match for just $9.

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