Easy Bun Styles to Try for Zoom Meetings, Recommended By Hairstylists

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While spending more time at home now, it's understandable to not want to wash your hair as often as you would pre-pandemic. But sometimes you just want to appear put-together while on FaceTime with friends and family or in Zoom meetings with coworkers. So what can you do? Simple: Toss your hair back into a bun.

When you think of a bun, remember the style doesn't have to be boring or messy. In fact, according to hairstylist Joseph Maine, who works with celebrities such as Ariel Winter and Ashley Benson, there are many tips and tricks to getting your bun to stand out and not just look like a typical topknot. "Pay attention to the texture of your hair," he says. "Brushing your hair out thoroughly or even adding a little wave to your hair before throwing it in the bun can make a big difference."

If you're not looking for a textured bun and want something sleeker, Maine suggests using a lifting product to smooth out your roots before pulling your hair into the style and direction you desire. "It's also good to start with a ponytail as the base of your bun; this ensures it will stay nice and strong and in place," he says.

Maine also recommends wrapping the hair around the ponytail and securing your desired look with bobby pins. If you're going for a bigger bun, he suggests teasing the ponytail before wrapping it.

All this to say, there's a whole world of topknot versatility out there, and while simple, more basic buns are the easy way out (don't get us wrong — we love them, too) now is the time for us to explore the styles you've been meaning to try, like space buns, scrunchie buns, and even triple buns.

Here are five bun styles that will be the talk of your next socially-distanced get-together.

Accessorized Topknot

Hairstylist Justine Marjan loves a messy topknot with a twist. "Adding a chic scrunchie or claw clip to a messy bun will make it a little more dressy," she says. Here, she's wearing her own Kitsch x Justine Marjan patent scrunchie, a true statement piece for any hairstyle. We also love the Velvet Hair Scrunchie Set from Urban Outfitters, which includes five chic hair ties for $12.

Space Buns

ishonest's editorial assistant Gabi Thorne loves to wear space buns (and we love to see her wear them). Here, she wraps blue extensions around two pigtails to create this out-of-this-world look. According to Thorne, she gave herself a zig- zag part and then slicked her curls into two little buns using a combination of the African Pride Black Castor Miracle Extra Hold Braid, Loc, & Twist Gel and Eco Styler gel.

"I attached the ombré blue Marley hair, whose kinky texture resembles mine, with a scrunchie and wrapped the hair around my mini buns, focusing on the size and height I desired," she says. "Then I secured the look with a few bobby pins, laid my edges using the African Pride Gel, and added two hot pink bobby pins for a cute design."

Braided Bun

Another one of Marjan's favorite looks is turning a braid into a bun. "Braid the full length of your hair, then twist and pin it into a bun for a more intricate finish," she says. This bun will take you literally five minutes but will look like you put in much more time and effort. To ping it, we love the Kristin Ess Super-Strong Bobby Pins because they come in blonde, brunette, and black hues, so they're pretty much invisible in the hair.

Triple Take

The triple bun is Maine's personal favorite. He did these triple buns in a mohawk shape on Katie Holmes, which created a different, more detailed type of bun style. "I started these buns at the base of the hair (closest to the scalp) because that's how it stays as strong as possible," he explains. "Then I wrapped the hair into itself and simply secured with bobby pins." This look also serves as an easy way to jazz up your hair in an unexpected way.

Low Bun

The low bun can be done in multiple ways. Marjan's favorite technique is styling the sunken chignon with a sleek side or middle part. "This gives the bun more of a sophisticated look," says Marjan.

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