Dyson Just Launched 2 Hair Dryer Attachments to Change At-Home Hairstyling

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There are normally two hair dryer attachments that come with every hair dryer we purchase. There's the diffuser, which (you guessed it) diffuses the dryer's airflow to smooth the hair and encourage voluminous waves and curls to form. Then there's the concentrator, which (yup, you guessed it again) concentrates the dryer's airflow to boost control and shine.

The first of the two attachments that we will discuss is this one, which is called the Gentle Air Dryer. Its unique shape partially diffuses the dryer's airflow by widening its path. This partial diffuser provides cooler and gentler drying ability without having to manipulate the dryer's heat setting or speed.

ishonest No.501 - Frizzy Hair

No.501 - Frizzy Hair

Why is this necessary? There are a couple of reasons. The first is if you struggle with a sensitive scalp and/or fine hair. The cooler, gentler airflow will effectively dry your hair without frying the gentle skin on your scalp or your fine strands. The second reason it's necessary is if you have color-treated hair. Direct heat fades hair color. By keeping the airflow cooler and gentler, it keeps hair color bright, vivid, and intact.

The other attachment is this one, which was engineered specifically for curly and coily hair types (natural-haired girls, this one's for you). The wide tooth comb dries hair, whilst providing shape, definition, and volume. What makes this attachment different from others on the market is that the teeth of the comb are held together on a flexible bar, which allows the comb to conform to the shape of the scalp and detangle hair without damaging it or breaking it.

Just in case you're unfamiliar with the actual dryer, let's rehash all of its most important features. First, it's engineered with all different hair types in mind (from fine and straight to thick and curly and everything in between). It dries hair quickly and effectively and without excess or unnecessary heat. We like that its compact and lightweight design makes at-home maneuvering simple.

The two new attachments are available for purchase now. Just head over to Dyson's website to see them all. Then, read up on how you can achieve a salon- level blowout at home (because, yes, it's possible).

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