Does The NuFace, An At-Home Microcurrent Tool, Produce Visible Results?

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Nora Milch, Fashion Director

The honest answer is, I'm not sure. I have had facials that incorporate some sort of radio frequency device, but never a full microcurrent facial. I've seen NuFace pop up on some of my favorite beauty sites, like Net-a-Porter, and have always wanted to give it a go. I never turn down an opportunity to give a new skincare solution a try.

I was hoping to target fine lines and define and tone my jawline.

I found it essential. I'm sure you could get a pretty similar experience with a YouTube tutorial, but being able to ask specific questions was super helpful. My co-worker, Alex, at one point exclaimed that she could feel the currency on her skin, assuming this meant it was working. Turns out, it's the opposite. Any minor pain or discomfort means you need to add more gel primer onto your skin.

I primarily used the NuFace Trinity device with the traditional facial trainer attachment (the one with two round balls). I felt like I had mastered how to use this deviceit was simple and straightforward. I have a very specific skincare routine, so at first I was a bit confused how and when to use the leave-on gel primer. My solution was to wash the gel primer off after I used the device and then proceed with my normal routine. I experimented a bit with the lip and eye attachment and the red light therapy attachment, but found the former a bit more complicated to master and the latter a bit too time consuming.

Yes, immediately after each use, my skin felt slightly lifted and more defined. I will absolutely continue to use the NuFace tool.

Alex Ben-Gurion, Visuals and Content Director

I had vaguely heard of microcurrent treatments and have probably experienced a version of it during my monthly facials, but was not aware of the at-home versionand its instant effects. I hoped to sculpt and reduce puffiness.

The tutorial was very helpful in learning how to use the NuFace tool properly. Technique, consistency, and repetition is key to this device and Tera walked us through the subtle details of right vs. wrong usage. The gel primer is crucial to using the device without any literal shock factoryes, the device sends little zingers through your skin if not used properly! (But I also appreciate that, because you know it's working.) My co-workers and I watched our faces quite literally get lifted on the video call, so the proof was definitely in the pudding.

The experience was so simple and truly rewarding. I love using the main attachment, the facial trainer, several times across my jawline and upward to de-puff the cheeks and sculpt my jawline. After both sides with the facial trainer, I move onto the eye attachment which you hold under your eyebrow; this attachment really lifts your eyelids, making you look much more awake. It's also a relaxing process that produces immediate results. I highly recommend itI even bought one for my sister to share the love.

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