Does Cigna Medicare Cover Dental?

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Routine dental checkups and cleanings are the best way to prevent painful or expensive oral health problems.

Cigna Medicare dental coverage is included in most Cigna Medicare Advantage plans. These plans offer the same options as original Medicare — medical and hospital coverage — as well as prescription drug plans. They also include hearing, vision, and dental coverage.

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Many Cigna Advantage plans provide preventive dental care, including routine checkups, cleanings, and X-rays, with no copays or deductibles.

Restorative dental care coverage is included in most plans, as well, but you’ll have a copay. Cigna has a national network of over 90,000 dentists who provide dental care for their Medicare members.

How Cigna dental coverage works

Cigna Medicare dental coverage varies between plans, but most Advantage policies offer preventive dental coverage. When you visit an in-network dentist, they will automatically submit your insurance claim, and you won’t have to worry about the paperwork.

Before selecting a policy, check the deductibles and copays, and find out if you need to choose a primary dentist or see in-network dentists. For most plans, you’ll receive better benefits by visiting in-network dentists.

What dental services does Cigna cover?

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You can get dental coverage through several different plans. A basic dental plan will provide cleanings, routine exams, and X-rays.

Dental services covered by Cigna plans may include:

  • routine dental checkups every 6 months
  • cleanings every 6 months
  • dental X-rays once per year
  • fillings and root canals
  • tooth extractions
  • braces or other orthodontic work
  • dentures and partials
  • emergency treatment
  • oral surgery

Extra coverage will handle dental services, such as crowns, fillings, and root canals. You can even find plans that cover braces.

Plans may differ from state to state, so before choosing a Cigna Advantage plan with dental, compare all the plans available in your area. You can find all the options in your area using the Medicare plan finder tool. Just enter your ZIP code.

How much does Cigna dental coverage cost?

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Costs for Medicare Advantage plans are based on your ZIP code and the plan you choose. Here is a sample of the costs for Cigna Medicare Advantage plans that include dental.

Who is eligible for Cigna dental services?

American citizens or permanent residents over the age of 65 are eligible for Medicare. Adults who are under the age of 65 and have a chronic illness or a disability may also qualify for Medicare.

For Cigna Medicare dental, you’ll need to sign up for original Medicare parts A and B. Contact your local Social Security office to enroll.

How do I enroll in a Cigna Medicare Advantage plan?

To enroll in a Cigna Medicare Advantage plan with dental coverage, visit the Medicare plan finder tool. Enter your ZIP code to see all the Cigna plans available in your county and compare benefits. Check each plan’s dental coverage, deductibles, and copays.

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To enroll, fill out an online application form or call customer service for assistance.

FAQs about Medicare dental services

Does original Medicare include dental coverage?

Original Medicare (parts A and B) doesn’t provide routine dental coverage. However, original Medicare will cover dental work if it is necessary due to an illness or injury.

For example, if you need dental services due to oral cancer, or, if you need surgery for a fractured jaw after an accident, original Medicare will provide coverage.

Does Cigna cover dental care?

Many Cigna plans cover dental care, but benefits can vary between plans. Most Advantage plans offer preventive dental care, and some will include more comprehensive dental services.

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No.313 - Prevent Acne

Compare policies before enrolling and find one that provides the dental coverage you need.

Can I add dental to my Cigna Medicare Advantage plan?

If you enroll in a Cigna Medicare Advantage plan without a dental plan, you can add it. Cigna has several dental plans available.

You can add a dental policy to your Cigna Advantage plan and pay all your premiums in a single bill.

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