Did You Know this is the #1 Shampoo in the World?

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I have purchased every kind of shampoo on the market, from dollar store up to $140 a bottle shampoo. In fact, this year I purchased a shampoo/conditioner from a major brand that cost me $280 for the set. I really had to know if it would turn my hair into some sort of silken goddess of perfection.

Hint: It didn't.

But with all that purchasing, washing, conditioning, and drying, I did learn a few things about hair care products. Simply put, the value of the products has very little to do with price or where you purchase and much more to do with the product itself. Knowing the ingredients, your hair type and your own needs is the best way to identify what is going to work for you. You cannot slap a big price tag and a pretty face on something and just expect it to be great.

So what is the number one Shampoo in the world?

Right now you may be asking yourself, what is the number one shampoo in the world?? Surely it's one you can only get from a salon or hidden away on a shelf in Paris. Nope!

It's HEAD & SHOULDERS. WHAT? YES! HEAD & SHOULDERS SHAMPOO, commonly recognized as a dandruff scalp treatment shampoo, it is the most popular brand on the market and for good reason.

No one wants to live with flakes or to sacrifice great hair in the process. Whether you suffer from dandruff daily or simply need a better way to clean your scalp, to keep your hair beautiful, fragrant, and flake free take home the iconic Head & Shoulders bottle.

Great hair starts at the scalp

Because I had not used Head & Shoulders before, I was so excited to test it out in my own shower. My daughter suffers from an itchy dry scalp and while I have less issues than she does, I am always interested in finding the best overall hair care for myself. Head & Shoulders Green Apple Shampoo fights dandruff with the great scent of green apple, leaving hair smelling great AND Head & Shoulders Green Apple Shampoo is a pH balanced, gentle shampoo for daily use on all hair types, including colored or chemically treated hair. It removes up to 94 percent of dandruff irritants!

First, let's bust a few myths you may have heard about using dandruff shampoo:

  • Myth: Daily use dries out hair. Truth: Daily use does not dry out hair.
  • Myth: Daily use damages hair. Truth: Daily use does not damage hair.
  • Myth: Products will fade color-treated hair. Truth: Products will not fade color-treated hair.

So what causes Dandruff?

According to the Head & Shoulders website, dandruff is caused when 3 things come together:

  • A microbe that's present on everyone's scalp called Malassezia globosa
  • Natural oils on the scalp known as sebum
  • A sensitive scalp

How did it compare on my hair?

Right now, treat yourself right and put it to the test yourself. Having your hair products shipped to your home is a huge time-saver.

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