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Denise Richards Bisexual Real Housewives Affair Scandal: a Premiere Primer

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

Did Richards have an affair with former RHOBH star Brandi Glanville and then storm off the show? Everything you need to know for Wednesdays juicy premiere. (Its so good.)

Kathy Boos/Bravo

The world is terrifying. Politicians are failing their citizens, costing lives. But the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is juicy as hell, so at least theres that.

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No.361 - Acne Scars

If that news made you want to get on the table and dance for Andyno judgment if it didnt; if it did, come sit by methen Wednesdays Season 10 premiere is an entire pill bags worth of quarantine anti-depressants.

The reason is Denise Richards. Bless Denise Richards. The patron saint of saving struggling Bravo franchises. She who brings enough drama to nearly cast Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy from our minds completely. No former Bond Girl has ever brought this much joy and entertainment to white women sipping chardonnay with two ice cubes while catching up on their shows after the kids have gone to sleep. Keep your Oscar, Halle Berry.

Its a pretty attention-grabbing headline, and this is coming from a franchise that has made news over cast members allegedly faking diseases, getting arrested for drunkenly assaulting a police officer, going to jail, being deported, and throwing a fake leg across a New York City restaurant dining room.

Brandi Glanville is a former cast member of RHOBH, but is still friends with several of the women and just generally in the sphere of rich white ladies who go to events and things in Los Angeles. Denise Richards is married. Very much so. We all saw the weddingit was filmed for the show last season.

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In a shocking turn of events, a Real Housewife appears to be embarrassed and angry over the way her personal life has been exploded by her participation on the show. That was sarcastic. Embarrassing and infuriating these women by upending their personal lives is, albeit sadistically, entirely the point of these shows. What is a shock, however, is that its Richards, of all cast members, who feels that way.

You see, Denise Richards usually cant be bothered with your shit.

In her debut season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last year, that attitudea bemused cool-girl shrugging off all the pettiness that is these shows lifebloodranked her as one of the most refreshing and exciting additions to the series. The events of this upcoming season, however, have proven it to be a lethal purview when it comes to reality TV.

The Daily Mails initial report alleged that Richards and Glanville had been seeing each other for a period from the beginning of 2019 until the middle of the year. According to the tabloid, Richards had apparently told Glanville she and Phypers were in an open marriage and she was allowed to hook up with women, which was not the case. Glanville was furious that she had been lied to.

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No.312 - Prevent Acne

The money quote from that initial report: The best thing was this was all done on camera and the show's fans will get to see it all go down.

The trailer for the new season alone teased as much, from a glimpse of Lisa Rinna reacting in shock privately, to Kyle Richards and Teddi MellencampSo they fucked?!to several intense group dinners (including the fateful one in Rome). Richards is seen at one point in tears, shouting, maybe pleading, Dont destroy my family! Phypers accosts Erika Jayne at one point, and the couple storms off the shoot. It ends with a showdown between Richards and Rinna that has Rinna, in a delivery that belongs in the Reality TV Hall of Fame, whispering, Oof. Youre so angry.

And thats just the teaser.

Wednesdays premiere episode begins with Richards in her former glory. Shes good-naturedly mocking how silly her castmates priorities are as they prepare to fly across the country for New York Fashion Week. Shes back to oversharing about her sex life with Phypers, whose penis size and sexual appetite were frequent talking points last season. We are still having sex every day, so that helps, too, she says, talking about how theyre settling back in after being displaced by the Malibu fires. While curling her hair in her New York hotel room, she asks if hes received the naughty selfie she sent him.

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Theres legal drama with her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen, that she dismisses like an annoying fly. If thats how she feels about Charlie Sheen-level drama, yet she walked off the show over this alleged affair drama? That should give you a sense of its magnitude.

But social media has been Glanvilles outlet to vent about Richards denials and the insinuation that she is lying.

At one point, Glanville said she was willing to prove everything: I am not lying about ANYTHING that I said on housewives and Im willing to take a lie detector test and lets be clear I was not EVEN the aggressor!!!! At another, she said it was more than an affair: There is a huge difference between hooking up with someone a couple of times and having a romantic relationship with someone.

After complaining about being trapped inside during the pandemic, she adopted a Valley Girl accent and ran through a fictional day she would have had if she was a ditzy L.A. girl.

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No.101 - Extract Dead Cells

I went for a jog and then I went to the library for a while and I had coffee with friends and I went to drinks with friends and then I was like, Fuck, you know what? Lets get a kitten. And I got the kitten and I took the kitten back because I realized I was allergic to pussy. Dont tell Denise, Glanville said.

The joke escalated: Im not allergic to pussy. Im allergic to bad pussy. I think we all are.

Meanwhile, in the lead-up to the premiere, the other women from the series have pretty much admitted that this affair drama is real and is the source of their falling-out with Richards. Then they all did what they do best, which is take sides in the press.

There is a sequence at the end of the episode that will have you screaming.

If the goal of these shows is to manifest some sort of Dynasty meets The Real World mash-up of melodrama and voyeurism, then the editing of that last two minutes might be a new crowning achievement. It would be cruel to elaborate on what exactly happens, but, to repeat one the franchises most frequently employed and just-as-often retooled catchphrases, the crown is heavy, darling. And Denise Richards hasnt exactly given up hers. Yet.

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